Air Force or Navy Recruitment:

If you’re interested in enlisting in the Air Force or Navy, the US Armed Forces Career Center at Del Amo Mall the place to do so! With representatives of all branches of the US military, the US Armed Forces Career Center can give you the information and guidance you need in order to make the important decision of enlisting.  

U.S. Navy Recruitment:

Petty Officer Gomez - Supervisor: (972) 322-0183

Petty Officer Calas - Talent Scout/Recruiter (310) 844-4550

Petty Officer Breton - Talent Scout/Recruiter (310) 720-1811

U.S. Army Recruitment:

Recruiters are tasked with not only finding men and women who are interested in the Army, but also helping them gauge whether military service is best for them. Recruiters also guide potential candidates through the enlistment process, making sure they have everything they need up until the moment a Soldier embarks on Basic Combat Training.  Please click here for information about the U.S. Army Recruitment center located at Del Amo Mall.

U.S. Army Careers website:

Marines Recruitment:

Becoming a Marine can be a life-changing decision, and it’s perhaps one of the first adult decisions you will make. Talking about it with the recruiter will help you understand the process for becoming a Marine.  Please visit the below location to meet with a Marines recruiter:

Del Amo Mall

3525 W Carson St

Torrance, CA 90503

(800) 627-4637

Marines website: