As a team, it is our goal is to help students acquire the skills needed for college or other post-high-school opportunities.  We offer a variety of support and advisement.  For more information on our counseling program by grade level, please click on the chosen level.


Counselors see students whenever there is a concern. Situations are brought to the counselor’s attention by a teacher, an administrator, a parent/guardian, or by another student. Students may request to see a counselor whenever they have a need. Students can sign up for an appointment by obtaining an appointment card in the Counseling Office lobby.  Counselors are also available for student walk-ins at lunch and after-school.  Students are seen as time permits. In the event of an emergency, students will be seen at once. Parents should feel free to contact counselors. Assistance may be given via the phone, e-mail, or in person with an appointment.