12th Grade Overview

The tabs below are crucial in understanding the timeline and process necessary to applying to colleges and universities.  Please click on them in order and review each one of them carefully.

12th Grade Counseling Services Overview

College application deadlines can sneak up quickly at the start of the senior year. Be sure to add your deadlines to your calendar and thoroughly research all application requirements. It is to your benefit to do this well ahead of any deadlines. Careful organization is an essential skill for the senior year. It is important for senior students to regularly check their email; this is the primary way that colleges will communicate with applicants.

Throughout the fall the College and Career Center (CCC) will host several workshops helping students with their UC and CSU applications. Keep an eye out for college rep visits and any evening presentations. Please refer to Naviance to see the schedule and sign up to attend.

It is highly recommended that all seniors:

  • Attend College presentations
  • Attend Financial Aid Night
  • Attend the FAFSA Workshop 
  • Create their "Colleges I'm Applying to" list on Naviance
  • Attend college representative visits for schools they are interested in
  • Visit colleges of interest

Transcript Evaluations

Counselors evaluate senior transcripts and mail home prior to the start of school in the Fall with feedback on each student's progress toward graduation and college eligibility.

September - Senior Classroom Presentations

In September, counselors meet with students in their English class to discuss college admissions requirements, letter of recommendation procedures, transcript requests, and answer any other questions students may have. With so many steps involved in applying to college, this meeting supports students by making them aware of what to expect.

23-24 Senior College Application Presentation provides students with links to important dates, deadlines, and other related documents created to assist students through the application process.

23-24 College Application Process Recording

College and Career Day - October 11, 2023

​More informtion is coming soon.

October - Financial Aid Evening Presentation - TBA

​The counseling department will host an evening presentation for students and parent/guardians on the financial aid application process, types of financial aid, scholarships and deadlines. We will invite a guest speaker with extensive knowledge and experience to present on this topic.

Warrior Workshop Presentations

Counselors will offer a variety of Warrior Workshops available to seniors to assist with the college application process.  Topics will include: UC, CSU, private and out-of-state schools, community college, SAT/ACT testing, letters of recommendation, financial aid, and more.  Students will need to sign-up on eTUSD.

Applying to Private & Out-of-State Colleges & Universities

Slides to Presentation Link - Coming Soon
Live Recording - Coming Soon

Applying to California's Public Universities - The UC and CSU Systems

Slides to Presentation Link - Coming Soon
Live Recording - Coming Soon

Applying to California Community Colleges

In case you missed it and would like information on community colleges (what they offer, the benefits of attending a community college, and the application process) we recorded the session and have a direct link to the presentation slides:
Slides to Presentation Link - Coming Soon
Live Recording Link - Coming Soon

"Financial Aid 101" Warrior Workshop

In case you missed it and would like more information on applying for financial aid, we recorded his session and have a direct link to the presentation slides:
Slides to Presentation Link - Coming Soon
Live Recording Link - Coming Soon

Mid-Year Report

Many 4-year private colleges and universities (especially Common Application schools) require applicants to submit a Mid-year Report (7th semester), which includes an update of the applicant's coursework and grades from the 1st semester of senior year.

It is the student's responsibility to check with the specific colleges and universities to which they applied to see if they require this form (Mid-year Report). If the college/university requires a Mid-year Report, please make an appointment with your counselor (via her Calendly link). At the appointment, you will need to provide the names of the colleges to which you need mid-year reports sent.

Please Note: The UC's and CSU's do not have Mid-year Reports, but they may contact individual students requesting 7th-semester grades (via email or student portal). Please check your email/portal on a regular basis to stay current on what documents they are requesting.

Counselor Letter of Recommendation

Some four year universities require you to submit a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) with your application - however, not all of them do.  You should only begin the LOR request process if you are applying to a school that requires one. 

Listed below are three major university systems, along with their LOR requirements:

  • UC System:  Does NOT require a LOR. 
  • CSU System:  Does NOT require a LOR.
  • Private Universities or Out of State Public Universities:  It depends on the school.  Please refer to the college website to see if a LOR is required.  
All Common App colleges require a Secondary School Report (SSR).  Some colleges require a counselor LOR.  Please visit your college(s) website to determine whether the school requires a LOR in addition to the SSR from your school counselor.  
To request a transcript or letter of recommendation, you must follow the steps outlined in the link below:

23-24 Letter of Recommendation and Transcript Request Guidelines

To view the steps at a glance, click here to access the 23-24 LOR and Transcript Request Quickview

​Counselors will submit letters of recommendation directly to the school to which you’re applying via Naviance. Due to the high volume of requests that counselors receive, students are required to give counselors at minimum three weeks notice to write a letter. In Naviance, students will need to complete their senior brag sheet, update their colleges “I’m applying to” list, follow deadlines, and follow deadline.

Students will need to match their Common Application account to their Naviance account.

For more instructions, please see the following:

To help organize your application requirements (what your counselor needs to submit for you on your behalf) please make a copy and complete the College Application Checklist: Requirements for Private and Out-of-State Colleges and Universities 

Teacher Letter of Recommendation

2023-2024 Letter of Recommendation and Transcript Request Guidelines

Many four year colleges require at least one teacher letter of recommendation, with the exception of CSU and UC campuses.  Make sure to request your letter(s) IN PERSON first, at least 3 weeks prior to your college deadline.  It’s your responsibility to check your college(s) letter of recommendation requirements.  After you request a letter from a teacher in person, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Naviance account
  • Go to the Colleges tab, click Apply to College, then Letters of Recommendation
  • Click Add Request and choose your teacher under the Select A Teacher drop down menu
  • In question 2, select Choose specific colleges from your Colleges I’m Applying To list
  • Add a personal note to thank them and to provide the application deadline
  • Click Submit Request

In general, each teacher may have their own requirements for how to request a letter of recommendation. As some teachers receive a high number of requests from students, it is wise to ask teachers well ahead of time. Typically, colleges expect the letter of recommendation to be from a teacher who the student had during their junior year. Some schools are very specific in this requirement and some are more lenient. It is the student's responsibility to review this requirement with each college of interest.

Local Scholarship Program

​Through the support of various donors in the community, West High School is able to offer scholarships to seniors to help pay for the costs of attending a community college, university, or trade school. All students are encouraged to apply.  Applications are due on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

For questions, please contact Ms. Torres in the College and Career Center.

Additional Support:

  1. Tutorial Club offers free tutoring Monday - Thursday during lunch, and Monday -  Thursday after school until 5:00 pm in the WHS Library. No appointment necessary.  Please Note: Not all subjects will have tutors presently available. You can check with the librarian if you need a tutor for a subject that is not currently assigned a tutor and she will do her best to find you someone. 
  2. Warrior Workshop (WW) -- Every Wednesday and Thursday students have a WW built into the school day (between 3rd and 4th period).  Students are to sign up for a WW on eTUSD the day prior to the workshop.  They should choose a class they need some extra help. 
  3. Khan Academy: Free online tutoring academy. Expert-created content and resources for every subject and level which include math, science, history, art history, economics and more. They offer free practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.