Graduation and College Entrance Requirements

WHS/UC & CSU “a-g” Requirements



TUSD Graduation Requirements

UC/CSU “a-g” Subject Requirements for Admission

a. History and Social Studies

3 years:

  •  1 year World History1 year US History
  •  1 semester US Govt
  •  1 semester Econ

2 years:

  •  1 year US History


  •  1 semester US History
  •  1 semester US Govt


  •  1 year World History

b. English

4 years

4 years College Prep

c. Mathematics

2 years

3 years: (4 recommended)

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

d. Science

2 years:

  •  1 year Physical Science
  •  (Physical Sci of the Earth, 
  •  Chem., Physics)
  •  1 year Biological Science (Biology)

2 years Laboratory Science
(3 recommended)


  • 2 courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics


  • 1 Biological; 1 Physical 

e. World Language

1 year World Language


1 year Fine Arts

2 years of the same World Language

(3 recommended)

f. Visual/Performing Art

See above

1 year course in the same subject

g. Advanced Studies or Additional Requirements

75 Elective Credits

  • 2 years Physical Educ.
  • 1 semester Health


1 year of College Prep Elective from West High UC “a-g” approved list

Test/Additional Requirements


220 Total Credits
(Includes 75 elective credits)

6 semesters of Satisfactory Citizenship



SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing

** Some majors require SAT Subject Tests

**The "Writing" section is required for UC

  • Four-year colleges recognize a C or higher as a passing grade. UC DOES NOT recognize grade improvement on a C or higher.
  • A grade of D or higher will earn credits toward high school graduation.
  • The University of California and California State Universities do not "weight" all classes when calculating the GPA for admissions.
  • For more detailed information on UC admission, please visit the UC website 
  • For more detailed information on CSU admission, please visit the CSU website 

For questions about your GPA consult your Counselor.