English Language Arts

2019 Summer Reading Enrichment

The WHS summer reading program is open to all West High students as an opportunity to engage in an enriching reading and literary experience. Here is how the program works:


  • If books on the list appeal to students, they are encouraged (but not required) to read that book or books. Participation in this opportunity is optional.
  • In September students will be invited to participate in a Book Talk discussion through Warrior Workshop. Each book talk is facilitated by the teacher or administrator who recommended the book.
  • Book discussion sessions are quite popular, but they are not required. There will be no grade or extra credit associated with attending these workshops, rather an enjoyable time to network and engage in thoughtful literary discussion!
  • Note: Only honors and AP classes assign summer reading (and other work) that is required.


Please click here to see a list of suggested reading books chosen by West High Staff.