What Are the Visual and Performing Arts?

Visual and Performing Arts

The visual performing arts courses at West High School are high performing, comprehensive sequential programs that follow the California Visual Arts Content Standards.  Subsequent courses reinforce previously learned material, strengthening and challenging students to achieve an advanced level of achievement within the discipline of visual arts. West High’s comprehensive Fine Arts program includes, and is not limited to the following course opportunities:


Wind Ensemble:  Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Jazz Band        
Marching Band Percussion Ensemble
Art: 1-3

AP Studio Art

CeramicsBeginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Tall Flags

Dance:  Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Stage Tech

Theater Arts 1-4

Theater Management

For more information about our Fine Arts Course offerings, please click the WHS Course Description Handbook link: Course Description Handbook

Eligibility: Activity, Athletic, & Fine Arts 

To be eligible for activity participation at West is reviewed quarterly for the next quarter. A student must, as a minimum requirement (Education Code 35160.5). Eligibility Requirements to view, expectations and consequences of becoming ineligible.