Warrior Workshop

Warrior Workshop Student Expectations:

  • Sign-Up is mandatory for all students 2x weekly
  • Students must sign-up by 9am the morning of the workshop.
  • Sign-ups open Tuesday at 9:00AM for that week of workshops
  • Students must be seated in your Workshop by the time the bell rings.
  • Students must attend the workshop they signed up for that day and cannot be a 'walk in' to anywork shop. Sign-ups are required. 
  • Students are to make WISE instructional choices for workshops based on their academic needs

Warrior Workshop Student Booking Tool Instructions

You will need to login to Schoology to book the workshop you would like to attend. You have already been enrolled in the course. It will appear under “My Courses”.  You will need to book a session for Wednesday and a session for Thursday every week. If you receive a ticket from one of your teachers, you must attend that workshop.

Directions for booking a Warrior Workshop session

  1. Open tusd.schoology.com
  2. Go to my courses
  3. Click on the Warrior Workshop course
  4. Click on the yellow Wednesday Workshop/Thursday Workshop tab
  5. Click on the link that says “Book your Wednesday Workshop session here”
  6. Scroll to look through all of the sessions available to you.  Make sure you want the session you are booking because once you book a workshop, you cannot remove yourself.
  7. When you find the one you want click “Book Now”
  8. If you book a workshop and need to make a change, you will need to contact the teacher in charge of that workshop and ask them to remove you from their bookings.
  9. You may only book one session
  10. Repeat steps 4 - 8 for both the Wednesday and Thursday workshops

*The Warrior Workshop booking will open on Tuesday for that week’s workshops, and it will stay open until 9am the morning of each workshop.