Health Office Procedures During School Hours


The Health Office is open from 7:45 am  to 3:15 pm. One of the functions of the Health Office is to administer first aid.

  • A Student Pass must be secured from the teacher before coming to the Health Office.
  • If a student comes to the Health Office between classes without a pass, he/she will be sent back to class to obtain one.
  • A pass is not required if a student becomes ill during lunch.
  • For his/her own protection a student who is ill is not to leave the campus without permission from the Health Office.


Health Office Contacts:

Health office email:

Health Office general phone line: (310) 533-4299      x 7705


District Nurse  

Heidi Carle x7683



Health Aide  

Claudia Moffit x 7705




Covered California Health Coverage Information

The ALL IN Campaign is a project of The Children’s Partnership, in close collaboration with state leaders such as, California Department of Education; California School Boards Association; California School-Based Health Alliance; California Coverage & Health Initiatives; Get Covered -Asegúrate Campaign; and Covered California.


Accident or Injury

Any accident or injury occurring on the school grounds between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. must be reported immediately by the student to the Health or Principal’s Offices.

Casts and Crutches at School

To ensure student safety, all students who return to school with a cast or crutches must have a doctor’s note which includes the following:

  • Date of visit, diagnosis, doctor/provider’s signature and stamp
  • Restrictions (P.E., sports, recess, weight-bearing, stairs, etc.)
  • Date(s) of restriction
  • Healthcare provider must indicate if crutches are to be used at school and that the student has been instructed in proper use of crutches. Crutches are not issued nor loaned from the Health Office.
  • Exclusion from school may apply if the requested documentation is not provided.

Your child will need to check in with the Health Office on the first day back to school so accommodations can be made for his/her safety at school. If possible, parent/guardian should accompany the student to the Health Office so that the following may be discussed:

  • Early-release pass between classes to avoid crowded hallways, locker area, etc.
  • TUSD Authorization for Medication at School if medication is required at school
  • Procedure for use of elevator (if applicable)