Permits and Open Enrollment

Interdistrict Permits

Interdistrict permits allow students from districts outside of Torrance to apply to attend Torrance Unified School District schools.

West High begins accepting permit applications for the following school year beginning in mid-April.

Interdistrict permits are approved on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability and approval by the school requested. Once permits are granted they may be valid through high school pending annual review of the student's acadmic progress, citizenship and behavior, and attendance to ensure the student is maintaing permit contact expectations. Approval by the site principal is not guaranteed for future renewal if the student is not meeting the permit contract. The Torrance Unified School District’s decision to accept your student’s permit will be based on space availablity of the Torrance school requested. Students must have, and maintain, satisfactory attendance, effort, academic achievement and behavior - as outlined in the permit contract. Permits are not accepted after the school year begins.

Permit Procedures:

New Permits: Print Permit Application using this link

Print: TUSD Student/Parent Permit Agreement using this link

Parent/Guardian must obtain a “Permit Release” from their resident (home) district for each new student requesting to attend a Torrance school.

  • Bring the following: (1.) permit release, (2.) completed Permit Application and (3.) Student/Parent Permit Agreement directly to West High. Incomplete forms and documentation will not be accepted.
  • Grades 9: Attach a legible photocopy of all middle school grades, attendance and behavior reports.
  • Grades 10-12: In addition to a legible photocopy of the June report card, attach a legible photocopy of student’s transcript, attendance and behavior report.
  • Grades 9-12: The site administrator may contact parent/guardian to arrange an interview.
  • Grades 9-12: Student's current IEP or 504 Plan.
  • If the permit is granted, you will need to enroll your student at the District Office Family Welcome Enrollment Center.

Renewal Permits:

According to AB 2444 students who currently have an approved Interdistrict Permit will be permitted to continue attendance in the requested school without the need to re-apply to the district of residence to be released again.  All existing Interdistrict Permits will be renewed unless the parent chooses not to renew or the school revokes the permit. 

If You Have Moved…




Families are required to immediately report to schools, in writing, a  change of  address  and, within   thirty  (30) calendar  days of  moving, provide proof of this change by bringing in two current proofs of residency (electric, gas, water, cable, trash, home land line bills accepted).  Thank you.

Open Enrollment 2019-2020

Open Enrollment is for Torrance residents who want to transfer to different Torrance schools.

Per Ed Code 35160.5b, Torrance Unified School District established a policy allowing Parents/Guardians who live within the Torrance Unified School District boundaries to apply to have their children attend a school other than their home school.  Once a year, during a specific period of time, applications are accepted for the following school year. Once the procedure is complete, the Open Enrollment school becomes the permanent home school for that student.  Procedures are summarized below:

Parent/Guardian must complete and submit the Open Enrollment application between January 7, 2019- February 28, 2019 at 4:00pm to the West High principal’s secretary.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Please be advised: Once granted, Open Enrollment is irrevocable.  Even if you move to another location within the Torrance School District boundaries, your permanent home school will remain the school you chose for Open Enrollment until the student graduates from high school, you move out of Torrance Unified School District boundaries, or you re-apply and are accepted into another site per Open Enrollment during a later year.

Check the TUSD website below for more info: