Course Selection 2023-2024

The course selection process is a crucial step in planning your high school education and preparing you for your future.  During this two-part process, you will have the opportunity to choose classes that interest you and will help you meet your academic and career goals.

Part 1: Course Selection Class Presentation

Current WHS Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will participate in a class presentation through their English class!   For current 8th Graders (Bert Lynn & Jefferson), counselors will do a group presentation at your middle school.  The WHS Counseling Team will review graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, summer opportunities, and course offerings for the 2023-2024 school year during the presentation.
Please click on the link below for the scheduled dates of your presentation (by grade level) and links to the live recording and presentation slide deck.

Part II: Selecting Courses

Click on the link below and follow the steps to choose the right courses for your next school year.
  • Course Request Google Form, required forms (honors/AP, summer school, other resources), and deadlines are embedded into the document for your convenience.
  • Students are encouraged to talk to their current teachers in each academic class to discuss which course might be the best fit for next year (ex. speak to your Alg 2 teacher to talk about your next math class).  Teacher recommendations are the strongest predictor of success.

Part III:  Individual Meetings with Student and Counselor

Counselors will meet with current freshman, sophomore, and junior students during their English class.  Current 8th-grade students at Bert Lynn and Jefferson will meet with their counselor individually at the middle school.  
During your meeting, your counselor will:
  • Review your course selections for the 23-24 school year
  • Make sure you are on track to meet graduation requirements
  • Review A-G requirements
Click on the link below to view the schedule (organized by grade level) for the date/time you will participate in your meeting with your counselor.

Enrollment Procedures for New TUSD/WHS Students

Link to Enrollment Procedures for New TUSD/WHS Students