The course selection 2-part process is well underway!

Part 1:  Counselor Scheduling Presentation

Counselors will present information and distribute scheduling materials to all 9th - 11th grade students through their English class.  Each student will receive a copy of his/her unofficial transcript, directions for completing online course registration, and a course selection form.

Below are the dates counselors will visit classrooms as well as the links to the counseling presentation (by grade level) which covers important information needed to help select courses:


Part 2: Individual Meeting with Student and Counselor

The following steps should be completed prior to the individual meeting with the counselor. 


  • Step A:  If you are planning to take Honors or AP courses, print the two Honors/AP forms: Assessing Strengths and H/AP Commitment Form. Please have the forms completely filled out and ready to turn in to your counselor when you meet with her individually.  It is highly recommended that you attend the Honors & AP Information Meetings being offered during Warrior Workshops/lunch so you have a clear understanding of the expectations for each class  -- ALL Honors/AP courses are a yearlong commitment.
  • Step B: West High School encourages students to maintain a healthy balance between their academic, extracurricular and personal endeavors.  When selecting classes for next school year we recommend you use the Homework Time Management activity so you may make thoughtful choices about your course selection, which will allow you to explore your interests and better manage your time.
  • Step C: Complete the Course Selection Form, circling the courses you would like to take. For course descriptions, please visit our Course Description Handbook.  Below are the course selection forms by grade level:

Rising 10th Grade

Rising 11th Grade

Rising 12th Grade



  • Step E: If you are planning to take a summer class, complete the Correspondence Course Pre-Approval Request Form prior to enrolling in any course outside of West High School and submit to your counselor for approval.  Summer School 2020: Out-of-District offers a list of summer school programs WHS students have used in previous years --- there are many more out there.
  • Step F: Request for Placement Form is required to enroll in classes for which the student does not meet the prerequisites or is not recommended for a course, if applicable.


On your assigned day to meet with your counselor, please be ready to turn in the following:


  • Completed and signed Course Selection Form (required)
  • Completed and signed Assessing Strengths Form, if applicable
  • Completed and signed Honors/AP Commitment Form, if applicable
  • Completed and signed Correspondence Course Pre-Approval Request form, if applicable


The dates for the Individual Meeting with Student and Counselor can be found on the Course Selection Presentation link in Step 1.  Please view the appropriate grade level link.