Summer Sessions

Summer Credit Recovery

The 2021 summer credit recovery information has not been released yet.  We will keep you updated.
The summer credit recovery program is designed for students who wish to make-up credit in a class they have failed or to replace a D on their transcript.  The 6-week hybrid program is free of cost to accepted students and utilizes Odysseyware online curriculum. 
Students interested in participating in this summer program must submit an online application and agree to the terms and conditions form by TBA.  Space and course offerings are limited so submitting an online application does not guarantee acceptance into the summer program.  Notification of acceptance into the WHS summer credit recovery program will be sent via email by TBA.

Summer School 2021: Out-of-District

There are many options for Summer School outside of the district. Please click on the link below for a list of schools that West High students have used in the past and for more information.

Summer School 2021: Out-of-District Information Sheet

The WHS summer reading program is open to all West High students as an opportunity to engage in an enriching reading and literary experience. Here is how the program works:

  • If any of the books on the list appeal to students, they are encouraged (but not required) to read that book or books. Participation in this opportunity is optional.
  • In the September students will be invited to participate in a Book Talk discussion through Warrior Workshop. Each book talk is facilitated by the teacher or administrator who recommended the book.
  • Book discussion sessions are quite popular, but they are not required. There will be no grade or extra credit associated with attending these workshops, rather enjoyable networking and a fun, engaging literary discussion!
  • Note: Only honors and AP classes assign summer reading (and other work) that is required.

Click here to see a list of suggested reading books chosen by West High Staff.

Click on the link below to gain access to Sora by Overdrive that offers access to both new and classic fiction and non-fiction books in eBook and audio book format (Please note not all books from the suggested reading enrichment list will be in Sora).

  • Sora by Overdrive:  Click this link and follow the directions below to access our online eBooks and audiobooks from Overdrive.

    1) After you click on the link, choose "Find my school" and then choose "My school isn't listed."

    2) Type "Torrance" into the search bar and choose Torrance Unified and then TUSD student (teachers choose TUSD staff) from the drop down menu.

    3) Students log in using their etusd email and password and teachers log in using their eTUSD username and password.

    4)  Browse by category or search for specific titles. You can borrow up to 3 Ebooks and/or audio books at a time.

Policy Notification: Correspondence Courses 

Applies to Summer School classes for Advancement

On February 20, 2018, the TUSD school board approved a new policy which limits the number of correspondence course credits (courses for advancement) that will apply towards graduation based upon the recommendation of the Correspondence Course Committee. This newly adopted policy will help to ensure TUSD graduates a balanced student who has participated in TUSD curriculum across all content areas. The TUSD school board policy allows students to earn up to 40 credits for advancement toward graduation through outside educational institutions over the four years. However, courses are limited to a maximum of 10 credits per academic discipline (English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, World Language, Fine Art, etc.) if they will be applied towards graduation requirements.

Students who have previously taken 10 credits or more of correspondence coursework in an academic discipline prior to the February 20, 2018 policy change will have their credits intact, however, any additional correspondence coursework pursued must be completed in a different discipline.  Students considering correspondence coursework for advancement should set-up an appointment with their counselors to generate a 4-year plan that is tailored to their educational needs.

The attached “Correspondence Course Pre-Approval Request” form must be signed by the student, parent/guardian, and counselor prior to a student enrolling in the off-campus course. Otherwise, the course will not be recorded on the high school transcript. 

Correspondence Course Preapproval Request