Transcripts and Records

Transcripts and Records Requests for Alumni:

Click Here if you are a graduate of West High School requesting transcripts or records.

Transcript Guidelines for current WHS students:

Students are entitled to receive 2 free transcripts per year.  After that, there is a $2 charge per transcript.

During the application process, the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) systems do NOT require transcripts with the student’s initial application.  Once a student is admitted to a UC or CSU and commits to attending that university, the student MUST send a final transcript in June.  Final transcript request guidelines will be emailed to seniors in late May/early June.

Transcript guidelines vary for private and out-of-state colleges/universities (including Common Application schools).  Please check the college website to verify if the college needs a transcript with the student’s initial application.

Requesting Transcripts for College Applications:

  1. Under “My Favorites”, click Colleges I’m applying to
  2. Click +REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS (middle screen, right-hand side)
  3. Select Initial
  4. DO NOT select SAT or ACT scores (our transcripts do not include test scores).  You are responsible for sending official ACT and/or SAT and/or Subject test scores to each college.  See Naviance for more details.
  5. Select only the college(s) that require a transcript with your initial application (do not select UC or CSU campuses -- initial transcripts are not accepted with the application)
  6. Click Done, review your schools and click Request and Finish

Purchasing Transcripts:

Students are entitled to receive 2 free transcripts per year.  After that, there is a $2 charge per transcript.
  • To purchase a transcript(s), please click here for the WHS Business Office Webstore
  • Go to Product Categories → Counseling → Transcript for College Applications
  • Print receipt (you will need to submit your printed receipt to your counselor at your counseling appointment)

Sending Transcripts:

Please come to the WHS Counseling Office (with your transcript receipt) 
WHS is not notified when a student requests a transcript on Naviance and/or pays for a transcript via WHS Business Office Webstore.  
Inform staff as to what college(s) you are requesting a transcript to be sent
If your college does not accept transcripts electronically, you must provide a typed or handwritten self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage, which includes the
Delivery Address:
Return Address:
West High School
20401 Victor Street
Torrance, CA 90503


Please contact your student’s counselor.