West High School

West High School is a 4-year comprehensive high school with an enrollment of 1,804 9th to 12th grade students with an additional 178 7th & 8th graders attending early morning sessions. The average class size is 30. Class periods meet for 57 minutes daily. Students are expected to take a minimum of six classes and to enroll in A-G required courses. Zero period classes are offered permitting flexibility in starting and ending time of the school day and the option for some students to carry seven classes per semester. Two semesters comprise the academic year. A large number of students attend a summer school program to support or move ahead in their studies. There are 84 certificated faculty, the majority of whom have a master’s degree plus 4 counselors, and 1 dean. West High has been designated a California Distinguished School in 1984, 1994, 1999, 2005, 2013 and again in 2019. West High received the CA Exemplary Program in Arts Education School in 2019. West High was named California Gold Ribbon School in 2015. It received the Excellence in Education Award from the United States Department of Education in 1984 and was awarded the National designation of Blue Ribbon School in 1984.

Torrance Community 

Torrance is a suburban community of 144,486 in the South Bay area situated below the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula on the beach front of southwestern Los Angeles County. It is located 17 miles southwest of Los Angeles Civic Center and 7 miles northwest of Los Angeles Harbor. Torrance boasts a particularly healthy economy, a near perfect weather pattern, two miles of white sand beach, an extensive financial center and a safe secure community. The school community consists of single-family residences, small business and apartments. Community support for West High has been a long-standing tradition and has assisted West in maintaining an equally long-standing tradition of educational excellence.

West High Alma Mater

Salty breezes sweeping o’er us.

Cries of gulls and terns on high.

Purple cast of distant mountains,

On the far horizon lie.

Hearts united in one purpose,

Hands clasped strongly in one tie,

We salute our Alma Mater,

Staunch defenders of West High.

Ken Myers – ‘63


WHS Model Program

MTSS: Embracing ALL Students

West High, home of the Warriors, and as Warriors we belong to a family, a community, a tribe. West High is a true TRIBE of learners who embrace ‘The Way of the Warrior’ where no one is left out and everyone is provided access to a multitude of opportunities to stretch, learn and grow in a rigorous, yet caring environment. CLICK HERE to read WHS's MTSS: Embracing ALL Students Program.


West High School
20401 Victor Street
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone:   (310) 533-4299
Fax:   (310) 972-6483

WHS Vision Statement

A school where every student is empowered to be a Warrior -- Creativity ● Character ● Resilience

WHS Mission Statement

Warriors create a collaborative community where all students engage in a caring and rigorous learning environment to acquire essential skills and maximize their potential to become effective contributors to society.

West High School’s Values:

  • Creativity:  Warriors apply critical, analytical, and strategic thinking skills to create innovative products and seek solutions to complex problems. 
  • Character:  Warriors look beyond themselves and work collaboratively to employ trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
  • Resilience:  Using a growth mindset, Warriors respond to challenges with positivity, resourcefulness, integrity, and determination to succeed.

WHS School Profile and SARC

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MASCOT: Warrior

COLORS: Brown & Gold



Schoolwide Learning Objectives

West High Schoolwide Learning Objectives (SLOs) are noted below in our ‘Way to the Warrior’ publication.