9th Grade


9th Grade Counseling Services Overview 


During freshman year, it is essential to establish a strong academic foundation. Most students experience a new level of academic challenge when they begin their high school course work. As a department we have made it our goal to support students in the transition process and have focused our 9th grade guidance curriculum on bolstering academic success.


Incoming Freshmen Student and Parent Night

During the spring before the 9th grade, counselors will host an evening presentation and discuss graduation and college entrance requirements, resources available on campus and provide an overview of the scheduling process.  Following the presentation, families are able to explore our featured programs through the open house.

Naviance Workshops  

In the fall, 9th graders receive an introduction to Naviance. Students will learn what is available on the College and Career website. They will learn what is a resume and begin to build theirs. Students then will take the Career Cluster Finder assessment results. Students will review career specifications which include salary, required education, skills, duties/responsibilities & job outlook.


In the spring, 9th graders will research various career clusters. While students are waiting to meet with their counselor to schedule classes, students will review their will Career Cluster Finder results. Students will see which cluster they scored the highest. They will then research various career clusters and look at career specifications which include salary, required education, skills, duties/responsibilities & job outlook. 


College and Career Day - October

All freshmen will participate in a field trip to a local four-year college campus. The purpose of these trips are to highlight the varied opportunities available to students in college. The goal is to expose students to a college campus, but not to emphasize a specific college.

9th Grade Counseling Presentation - March/April


This presentation covers high school graduation requirements, college admissions requirements and college admissions tests. Students will also review their current transcript and academic progress. The freshmen counseling presentation is a great place to get guidance on course selections for sophomore year. 


Freshman Counseling Conference - March/April


During the spring semester all 9th graders will meet individually with their counselor in order to review their academic progress and set up their schedule for 10th grade.


Additional Support:


Tutorial Club offers free tutoring Monday - Friday during lunch, and Monday -  Wednesday after school until 4:00 pm in the WHS Library. No appointment necessary.  Please Note: Not all subjects will have tutors presently available. You can check with the librarian if you need a tutor for a subject that is not currently assigned a tutor and she will do her best to find you someone. 


Warrior Workshop (WW) -- Every Wednesday and Thursday students have a WW built into the school day (between 3rd and 4th period).  Students are to sign up for a WW on eTUSD the day prior to the workshop.  They should choose a class they need extra help.  


Khan Academy: Free online tutoring academy. Expert-created content and resources for every subject and level which include math, science, history, art history, economics and more. They offer free practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.