College Visits

The College Rep visits are posted on Naviance.  Check Naviance frequently as more visits are added daily. Students wishing to attend a College Rep visit will need to make a reservation on Naviance. The majority of visits are scheduled before or after school and at lunchtime. Students will receive an email with the virtual meeting link. The link can also be found next to the visit reservation on the day of the visit. 

**If the college visit is during the intervention period, please clear the visit with your teacher at least 24-hours notice that you are requesting to miss a portion of intervention for a college rep visit. It is the teacher's decision whether to release you from intervention for the college visit. You are responsible for any missed work while attending a College Rep visit.

Instructions for College Rep Visit RSVP

  1. Log into Naviance
  2. Click on the “College” tab, then "College Home"
  3. Under "College Visits," click "Show More" (scroll down)
  4. Click on "Register" to RSVP for the visit(s) you would like to attend
  5. Screenshot the webpage showing that you have registered for the visit (if you need to ask your teacher for permission).