West High School Textbooks

Textbook Clerk:

Mrs. Tehrani  

Textbook Hours

Monday - Friday  9:30am - 1:30pm


It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts

Home Hospital (HH) and Independent Study (IS) Students

1)  All HH and IS students must make an appointment with the textbook clerk, Sarah Tehrani, at x7625 to pick up textbooks.  Her hours are 9:30 am - 1:30 pm, Monday - Thursday.

2)  All HH and IS students should have a current ID and need it to pick up textbooks. Parents can bring the student's ID to check out books.

3) All HH and IS students need to bring the textbook request form filled out by the teacher requesting textbooks.  The requesting teacher should have the form, but there is a link below as well.

Textbook Request Form

Textbook Listing and Textbook Care

Stack of Textbooks

Courses and Corresponding Textbooks

Click on the link below to see a list of courses organized by their subjects or departments and their corresponding core textbooks.  Other supplemental books may be added throughout the year and do not appear on this list.  This is a listing of the core textbooks assigned to each class and each student should have checked one out from the library at the beginning of the year.  Updates are made as we adopt new textbooks.

Course Listing and Core Textbooks Link

Textbook Return Policies

  • All textbooks are due during Finals Week.  All books must be turned in by 3:00 pm on the last day of school.
  • Any books not turned in by 3:00 pm on the last day of school are are subject to a $5.00 fine per textbook.
  • No books are to be left in lockers.  There will be a $5.00 fine per WHS book left in the lockers.
  • Clear all papers, post-its, etc. out of the books.  There will be a $5.00 fine for books with papers, post-its, etc.
  • Students who return books with writing, graffiti, or damages will be charged a fine commensurate with the damages.  Students who return books that are damaged beyond repair will need to pay for a replacement book.
Read It, Don't Eat It!

Ten Tips for Textbook Care

1. Know that you are fully responsible for the books issued to you.

2.  Report any damages within 24 hours of checkout or may be charged for the damages.

3.  Cover your books right away and write your name clearly on the inside of the covers.  (Paper bags work really well.)

4.  Don’t tape covers directly to the books and do not use cloth or sticky laminate covers.

5.  Avoid sharing a locker and or books.  Regardless of the books you end up turning in at the end of the year, you are responsible for the ones issued to you from the library.

6.  Don’t leave your books behind in your classes for any reason.

7.  Don’t leave your books in your locker unused for long periods of time.  One word- MOLD.

8.  Don’t bend any book past a 180 degree angle.

9.  When working with groups in your classes, check to be sure the books you pick up and leave with are yours.

10.  Respect your books and the opportunities for growth they offer.

Lost Book Policy

If your student loses his or her book, he or she should:

I) Immediately bring her student ID to the library or textbook window so we can scan it and see if the book has already been recovered and turned back into the textbook room.

II) Check the attendance office and all classrooms to see if the book is there.


A) Full Payment: Pay for the book and get a replacement right away.  If your book is recovered, you will get your money back minus a service charge.

B)  Textbook Contract: Obtain a Textbook Contract Form from the textbook clerk, come up with a payment plan, and bring it back signed by the student and you, the parent or guardian, along with the first payment.  As soon as the form is signed and the initial payment is made, a replacement book will be issued.

C)  Replacement option: Ask the textbook clerk for the ISBN of your textbook or use our "Course Listing and Core Textbook Link" located above this article to find the correct ISBN for the book and you may try to find a replacement online.  You will need to pay $5.00 for the barcode and show a receipt proving that a replacement book is on its way and we will reissue you another textbook in the meantime.  Please see warnings regarding replacement books below:


  • We do not accept damaged replacements or replacements with markings of other schools.
  • The replacements must be in "like new" condition and cannot have writing, damage, or other school stamps or barcodes.   
  • We will do our best to accept suitable replacements, but we reserve the right to refuse replacements based on other criteria as well.
  • You are purchasing replacement books at your own risk and you accept full financial responsibility for the replacement if we find that it is unacceptable for our collection.
  • The purchase of a replacement book does not guarantee that we will accept it for our collection.
  • Your debt for your textbook is not forgiven until we have had a chance to inspect the replacement book and have deemed it acceptable for our textbook collection.
  • If the replacement book turns out to be unacceptable, then a payment plan/textbook contract will need to be arranged to pay for the original book.  We can discuss options if this should happen.  
  • If you buy a replacement book and then your original book is found, you will NOT get a refund for the replacement book you purch