Library Hours

During school closure, the library is closed for student use, but we still have many resources available to our WHS students.  Please see the links below for information regarding how to view our online catalog of books, how to place phyical books on hold, and how to access our vast collection of eBooks and audiobooks.

Access our collection of physical books as well as our eBooks and audio books through  If you log in as a student, you can place books on hold and then we will have the book waiting for you at the textbook window during textbook hours.  Be sure to notify Mrs. Puccio, the librarian, that you have placed a physical book on hold so that she can take it to the window.  Email her at

Access our huge collection of eBooks and audiobooks through - you can access these books through your browser or you can download the Sora App on your smart devices.





Textbook and Materials Window Hours

During school closure, students may come to the textbook window to pick up assigned textbooks, novels, Chromebooks, library books, labs, club materials, or anything else arranged for distribution.  

Location:  You will enter the campus gate located at the end of the faculty parking lot.  It is between buildings 2 and 3.   There are cones guiding you to the gate.  The gate closes promptly at closing time, so please get there 5 minutes prior to closing.

** Please have the following information:  exact titles of books and the assigning teacher's name and the student ID or student ID# if you do not have a current WHS ID.

Regular Textbook Hours during School Closure

Mondays  2 pm - 4 pm
Tuesdays  2 pm - 4 pm
Wednesdays  2 pm - 4 pm
Thursdays  2 pm - 4 pm
Fridays  2 pm - 4 pm