Check Out and Renewal Policies

Library Book Check Out Procedures:

You must have a current WHS ID # to check out library books. The check out period for physical library books is three weeks and two weeks for eBooks and/or Audiobooks. You may have up to three physical library books and two eBooks and/or Audiobooks at a time. Library books not turned in on time will result in a .25 fine per book / per day. EBooks and Audiobooks cannot be late because they are automatically removed from your account when your check out period is over. Library books may be renewed as long as no other students have the books on hold.

Late Fines

Late library books will be charged $0.25 per day late per book. Weekends and holidays will also accumulate fines. Pay attention to the due date that is stamped on the inside pocket card located inside the cover of the library book.

Textbook Fines

Books that are returned with damage not previously notated on the book will acquire a fine commensurate with the damages. Books not turned in by 3:00 pm on the last day of school will accrue a $5.00 fine per textbook.