West High School People

Bill Atkinson

Athletics: Athletic Director

Donna Burt

CTE Dept. Chair and Business & Accounting

Nikki Chambers

Science: Bio H & Astro. Bio

Jeff Collins

Science & Science Olympiad

Ann Cortina

Science & Academic Decathlon

Juan Cueva

Special Day, Resource & Baseball

Jason Druten

Physical Edu., XC, & Track

Sue Eriksen

ASB Advisor, Drill Team & Leadership

Christy Evans

CTE Design, Woods, and Robotics

Mary Flaxman

Math, AP Stats, & Psychology

Don Gereau

Social Science & Science

Natalie Hastings

Drama, Opportunity, RTI Coordinator, & Speech & Debate

Drew Hettinger

Social Science, US History, & GATE Coordinator

Greg Holt

Athletics: PE, Health, & Football

Michael Liebig

Athletics: Wrestling & Health

Jaclyn Ogata

Workability School to Career

Christy Orabuena

Theater, Play Prod., Opportunity & Online Health

Pete Reyes

Math, Stats, CTE & PLTW

Lisabeth Rulon

Special Day, SPED Coordinator, Testing

Annelle Wells

CTE Foods, Fashion & Design

Melanie White

English, Journalism 'Smoke Signals' and Yearbook & Dept. Chair