West High School People

Photo of Amy Altenberg

Amy Altenberg

English & Dept. Chair

Photo of Mimi Anaya

Mimi Anaya


Photo of Jaime Angell

Jaime Angell


Please click on the following link to connect to Ms. Angell's classes through Googl...

Photo of Vince Banim

Vince Banim

Entertainment Unit

Photo of Mike Barr

Mike Barr

Fine Arts

Photo of Jason Belcher

Jason Belcher

US History & Softball

Photo of Tawny Burke

Tawny Burke

School Therapist

Photo of Donna Burt

Donna Burt

Intro to Business, Accounting 1 & 2, and Teen Living

Photo of Todd Butler

Todd Butler

Science & Football

Photo of Christian Camayo

Christian Camayo

Boys' Volleyball

Bernice Centino

Behavioral Psychologist

Photo of Becky Cerda

Becky Cerda

Social Science

Photo of Carsten Cheung

Carsten Cheung


Photo of Jessica Cheung

Jessica Cheung


Photo of Jenifer Chinn

Jenifer Chinn

Vocational Assessment

Photo of Joseph Chou

Joseph Chou

Math & Opportunity

Photo of Jeff Collins

Jeff Collins

Science & Science Olympiad

Daniel Crowson

Language Arts & Speech and Debate

Room 4100

Photo of Juan Cueva

Juan Cueva

Special Day, Resource & Baseball

Christian Cullinan


Photo of Margaret Cunningham

Margaret Cunningham


English 1 eTUSD Page AP English Literature and Culture eTUSD Page

Traci Dominguez

Girls Flag Football

Photo of Jason Druten

Jason Druten

Athletic Director

Photo of Rosario Dugard
Photo of Stefanie Eriksen

Stefanie Eriksen

Drill Team, Opportunity, RTI Coordinator

Photo of Sue Eriksen

Sue Eriksen

ASB Advisor, Drill Team & Leadership

Photo of Christy Evans

Christy Evans

CTE Design & Architecture, Woods, and Robotics

Photo of Mary Flaxman

Mary Flaxman

Math, AP Stats, & Psychology

Photo of Jason Forman

Jason Forman


Wesley Fowler

Girls' Basketball

Vick Garcia

College and Career Coordinator

Jenna Gebel

Foods & Nutrition

Rm 2117

Photo of Don Gereau

Don Gereau

Health & Physical Education

Charles Griffin

Social Science

Photo of Holly Hall

Holly Hall

CTE Department Chair: Personal and Family Management and Child, Family, & Community (Dual Enrollment)

Photo of Jennifer Haney

Jennifer Haney

Math & Volleyball and Opportunity

Beverly Hazell

Girls' Volleyball

Photo of Drew Hettinger

Drew Hettinger

Social Science, US History, & GATE Coordinator

Photo of Erika Hettinger

Erika Hettinger

Math & Dept. Chair

Photo of Dede Hignight

Dede Hignight

Social Studies and Opportunity

Photo of Greg Holt

Greg Holt

Health & Physical Education

Cheyne Inman

Boys' Cross Country

Photo of Julie Janicki

Julie Janicki


Photo of Jason Jin

Jason Jin

Math & Girls' Tennis

Photo of Gurbir Kahlon

Gurbir Kahlon

English & ELD Coordinator & Opportunity

Hannah Kang

Math and Opportunity

Photo of Daisy Kim

Daisy Kim


Photo of Jasmine Kim

Jasmine Kim

Math & Geo H

Photo of Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim

Fine Arts

Photo of Marcia Kim

Marcia Kim

Science & PLTW

Nicholas Lai


Photo of Amanda Larios

Amanda Larios



Photo of Karyn Lee

Karyn Lee


Photo of Joshua Livingston

Joshua Livingston

Boys' Basketball

Photo of Meghan Loftus

Meghan Loftus

School Therapist

Photo of Hilda Lopez

Hilda Lopez

Spanish & Dept. Chair

Photo of Craig Lowery

Craig Lowery

Speech and Language Pathologist

Photo of Elizabeth Machado
Photo of Eric Madera

Eric Madera

Head Track Coach

Photo of Shauna Martinez

Shauna Martinez

Counseling Office

Photo of Katie Mayo

Katie Mayo

Speech & Language Pathologist

Photo of Alexander McBean

Alexander McBean

Special Day

Photo of Lindy McCulloch-Torres
Photo of Jennifer Milla

Jennifer Milla

Science & Track

Tomomi Miyamato

World Language

Ken Miyazaki

Girls' Cross Country

Tyler Newcomb


Photo of Le Thu Nguyen

Le Thu Nguyen


Jaclyn Ogata

Workability School to Career

Ruby Ogaz


Photo of Christy Orabuena

Christy Orabuena

Theater & Artistic Director

Photo of Todd Oshiro

Todd Oshiro

Resource & Golf

Photo of Mark Pesusich

Mark Pesusich

Social Studies

Photo of Jennifer Peterlin

Jennifer Peterlin


Photo of Bernard Phelps

Bernard Phelps

Social Studies

Photo of Mary Lou Puccio

Mary Lou Puccio


Photo of Carleen Ramirez

Carleen Ramirez


Photo of Pete Reyes

Pete Reyes

Math, Stats, CTE & PLTW

Photo of Laura Rivera

Laura Rivera

Science & CSF

Photo of Matt Rollins

Matt Rollins

Special Day

Photo of Anthony Rugnetta

Anthony Rugnetta

Social Studies

Photo of Lisabeth Rulon

Lisabeth Rulon

Special Day, SPED Coordinator, Testing

Photo of Ambar Sagastume

Ambar Sagastume


Photo of David Schindler
Photo of Mary Secura

Mary Secura


Please click on the following link to connect to Ms. Secura's classes through her G...

Alexandra Serafin

English and Speech & Debate

Eric Sheckler

English and ELD

Mike Shimizu

Boys' Soccer

Photo of Sarah Tehrani

Sarah Tehrani

Textbook Clerk

Adam Vacarro

Special Education - STEPS Program

Photo of Carina Villaneda
Photo of Terri Vorhis

Terri Vorhis


Photo of Kathryn Wade
Photo of Regina Wang

Regina Wang


Photo of Nicholas Weber

Nicholas Weber


Photo of Jamy White

Jamy White

Boys' and Girls' Swimming

Photo of Melanie White

Melanie White

English, Journalism 'Smoke Signals' and Yearbook & Dept. Chair

Sione White

Boys' and Girls' Water Polo

Photo of Chad Williams

Chad Williams


Photo of Annie Won

Annie Won


Photo of Eunice Yang
Photo of Peggy Yang

Peggy Yang


Miss Yang's Google Class Links: AP Lang and Comp:   English 1 H: ...

Photo of Eiji Yano

Eiji Yano

World Languages - Japanese

Photo of Debbie Yearta

Debbie Yearta

ASB Account Clerk

Jessica Youngdale

Girls' Soccer