Reflections Art Contest

Enter the Reflections Art Contest Each Fall!

Reflections looks great on your college application because the process of creating a Reflections project requires careful thought and skill.

About National PTA Reflections:

Reflections is an art contest run by the National PTA and administrated by each local school. In the fall of each school year, students all over the United States submit artworks in one or more categories to their school’s Reflections chairperson. The artworks are judged by local PTA judges, and the first place in each category in California is promoted to the city PTA level, then district PTA level. Artworks that continue to win first place can advance to the state and then national contest levels. Awards for second and third places are also given at each level.

Theme for 2021-22 Reflections Contest is, "I Will Change the World by .  .  ."

Due Date for the 2021-22 Reflections Contest:
Schedule of Events for the 2021-22 Reflections Contest:
  • November 2021 - West High results announced
  • December 2021 - TCPTA results announced
  • February 23, 2022- Reflections Award Ceremony
  • February/March 2022 - 33rd District results announced
  • April/May 2022 - California State PTA results announced
  • May/June 2022 - National PTA results announced


Next Year's Theme

Get ready!! The 2022-23 Reflections Theme is, "Show Your Voice!"

Forms, submission instructions, and rules for Reflections 2022-23 will be available in the Fall of 2022 and projects will be due in mid-October of 2022.


And the Reflections 2020-21 Winners Are.  .  .

2020-21 TCPTA Winners from West High

1st place—Sullivan Kolakowski, 10th grade
1st place—Ian Dai, grade 11

2020-21 West High Winners

No entries
1st place, West High—Ian Dai, grade 11
2nd place, West High—Eliana Cheng, grade 10
1st place, West High—Sydney Lin, 10th grade
2nd place, West High—Isabella Santana, 11th grade
3rd place, West High—Pranati Anna, 9th grade
Ashley Kim, 11th grade
Azzeez Baig Moghal, 9th grade
Rebecca Yan, 11th grade
No Entries
1st place, West High—Sullivan Kolakowski, 10th grade
2nd place, West High—Darren Kawazoe, 9th grade
3rd place, West High—Srisaibhaavana Anna, 11th grade
Emi Kobayashi, 10th grade
1st place, West High—Ethan Hackett, 10th grade
2nd place, West High—Alice Lee, 11th grade
3rd place, West High—Chaturika Bandara, 12th grade
Kayla Ha, 9th grade