STudent Advisory Committee to the Principal

The STudent Advisory Committee to the Principal, is also known affectionately as STAC. STAC is a combined group of students, grades nine through 12, who work together with the principal to not only continue the development and success of West High School (WHS), but also as a voice of the students and a voice to provide input to chart our path and best serve students as a destination high school in the South Bay.

At the start of each school year, students are recommended by teachers to participate on STAC. To date, STAC has assisted in development of the West High School Plans (LCAP and SPSA), provided input to the site budget and programs, participated in developing the WHS WASC Self-Study Report and participated on multiple site WASC committees and panels, provided input and support to student body activities on campus, and assisted in the many beautification projects on site from our annual ShareFest Work Day to the implementation of new soap dispensers across campus and newly updated planters.