8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Where do I park?

If there is another school before us and we need to give them time to leave.  In that case arriving a half hour before will give you better parking options.   See the map below to plan your parking.  There is a side lot along the school.

North High School parking for 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

If you choose to park along the street please be considerate to the neighbors: do not block driveways or leave trash on their lawns.

Do I need a ticket?

No, there is plenty of space in the stands for everyone.

Why can't I wear my favorite shoes high spiked heels?

Shoes with spiked heels will cause damage to North High's new synthetic turf.  Both parents and students will end up on the field after the ceremony.

What is the Student Dress Code under the gown?

Because this is a formal occasion and a celebration, many students dress up the event.  

For Girls:
  • No strapless tops
  • No spaghetti straps or halter tops  (shoulder strap must be at least 1" inch wide)
  • No shorts or short skirts (skirts must be at no shorter than tip of finger when arms are straight)
  • No spiked heeled shoes or flip flops
For Boys:
  • Casual business type outfit preferred - tie is optional
  • No inappropriate designs or language on T-shirt
What is acceptable audience behavior?

We enjoy your enthusiasam and support for your student. We love to applaud them and are very proud of them reaching this point.  Unfortunately, in the past, excessive yelling and noise ruins hearing the name of the student following.  Everyone deserves to be applauded when their name is called but please give the same respect for the next student in line.

Do we have time after the ceremony to take pictures?

Yes, after the ceremony you will be able to join your student on the field for photos.  All of the Magruder teaching staff and administrators attend the ceremony.  They will be glad to take a family photo...just ask.