2022-2023 Electives


All students have one additional class on their school schedule in addition to their academic classes.   Elective offerings vary from year to year.  Some of these courses are determined by academic need, others are optional choices made by students/parents.  

The current 2022-2023 Magruder electives are:

Art - All Grade Levels (both year and half year course)
Hands on class with a variety of art projects emphasizing basic principles of art and includes practice with elements such as color, line, form, value, and texture

English Language Development (ELD) - All Grade Levels
This course is for our students who are learning English as their second language.  Classes are sorted by skill level so our instructor can focus on teaching to the needs of each student.   This is a year- long course. 

Drama - 6th Grade Only - half year course
This course is paired with Art to complete a year program.  Students will switch classes at the halfway point of the school year.   Drama provides a comfortable place to learn simple acting techniques and other theater art skills.  Embedded in the curriculum are performance exercises to help build student self-confidence and expressiveness.

Intervention (Math or English) - All Grades Levels
This is a class for students needing focused support in the areas of Math or English. It is designed to support the curriculum in a student's core class while reviewing fundamental knowledge of the subject area.  Teacher recommendations, test scores, and other measures are used to determine student placement in an intervention class. 

Music - All Grade Levels

Instrumental Music:  This class gives students an introduction to music and helps build fundamental performing skills on a musical instrument.  No prior experience necessary.

Vocal Music: Students of all ability levels are welcome to join.  This class develops a student's musical vocal skills and performance abilities.   Students taking this class would get the experience needed to move on to the high school choir, if so desired.

Guitar:  All skill levels are welcome.  Learn the techniques and fundamental music skills to play guitar.  Depending on need, this elective may be divided into beginning and intermediate classes.

Percussion (Drums Ensemble): Learn to play and perform as part of Magruder's Percussion Ensemble.  No experience required.   Students will play a variety of percussion instruments from Snare and Steel Drums to Xylophones.


North High Campus Classes* - 8th grade only

7th and 8th grade students, in good standing, have the opportunity to take their morning elective classes at North High School.  Current offerings include language classes (Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or French), Intro to Theater, and  Biology Honors.  Students must provide morning transportation to North High School while a district school bus will bring them back to Magruder. 

*Students must have only "A" and "B" on all the 6th and 7th grade reports cards to be considered for language courses.  For Biology Honors students need to have an "A" in their 7th grade Science class and a recommendation for their Science instructor.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) -  7th and 8th Grades
This is a popular Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM) program that provides engaging hand-on project based learning focused around engineering.   Students take the semester-long course broken into two quarters focusing on Computer Science Innovators and Makers and Application Creation. 

Spanish 1 - 8th Grade only
This is a high school level class that follows the same curriculum as North High School. Students will be able to transition to Spanish 2 the following year.   This course requires that students must not have any grade lower than a B and/or S on any report card.