Cell Phones (and other electronic devices)

The Magruder campus  is a learning environment and should be distraction free throughout the entire school day.turn off cell phones

All cell phones, while permitted on campus, must be turned off during school hours unless used under direct supervision of a Magruder staff member.  Students may turn them on after school is over to recieve any messages from parents and friends. In the event of an emergency, parents can contact the office.   Students will have their devices confiscated if using them without permission with progressive means of discipline for each offense.

In accordance with the Board of Education’s policy and administrative regulation on search and seizure, a school official may search a student’s mobile communications device, including, but not limited to, reviewing messages or viewing pictures. (cf. 5145.12 – Search and Seizure) A student who violates this policy may be prohibited from possessing a personal electronic signaling device at school or school-related events and/or may be subject to further discipline in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation.

Students are also not allowed to possess laser beam pointers on school grounds (California Penal Code 417.27 (a), (b), (c), and (d)).