Mustang Moment Rewards

Are you: Responsible, Respectful, Thoughtful, and a Scholar?

Any of these qualities will earn you a Mustang Moment!

Mustang Moment Award


What are Mustang Moments?

A Mustang Moment is an award voucher given when a student is observed or "caught" doing something good.   These Mustang Moments can be collected and traded in for prizes from the Mustang Cart or used to enter a drawing for weekly prizes.      


What can you do with a Mustang Moment?

Exchange them for items on the Mustang Cart.  You can save them up for a big prize or use it immediately.  The Mustang Cart is out on the blacktop every Wednesday and Friday at snack.  Stop by and have a look!

Picture of Mustang Cart with items

Items you can get from the Mustang Cart are:

  • 1 Ticket  - Stickers, Small Candy, Pencils
  • 2 Tickets - Earasers, Squishies, Candy
  • 5 Tickets - Gatorade, chips, Cookies, Rings Mechanical Pencils
  • 10 Tickets - Toys, Water Bottles, Front of the LIne or Homework Pass
  • 15 Tickets - Mustang Swag, Skip a Mile Pass, Class Color Bandanas
  • 20 Tickets - Gym Pass, In-n-Out Gift Card


Picture of exchanging Mustang Moments for items.

Weekly Drawings

You can also put your Mustang Moment in the raffle box and take your chance to win weekly prizes in our drawing.  The raffle box is located in room 18 - The Wellness Center.

Some of the prizes have been:

  • Pizza party for you and your friends
  • lunch time phone pass
  • Skip a Mile
  • Front of the line passes
  • Gift Cards


Keep earning those Mustang Moments!!!!!!!!