Each Magruder student is assigned a personal locker. Please do not share your locker combo with anyone. Do not trade your locker with anyone. Each student is responsible for the condition and the contents of their assigned lockers at all times.  

School policy states that no backpacks can be carried around during the school day.  Backpacks and large bags should be kept in the locker. Also, we discourage students of leaving books and other belongs on the school grounds unattended.  Items left this way have been known to disappear or get damaged. Please tell you student to take the extra minute and store their belonging in their locker.

Do not put stickers inside the locker and do not store food inside overnight.  When shutting the locker door please push back pack straps away from the outside edges to avoid jamming problems and door damage.

The locker bays are open before school, during snack, at start and end of lunch, and after school.

If you have any problem with you locker getting jammed please see Mr. Lawrence, our custodian, for help

How to open a locker.

Instructions for opening lock.
Our lockers use a 3 digit combination. 

  • Spin dial three times to the right to clear.  
  • Turn right to the first number: stop.  
  • Turn left (do a full turn and pass that first number) and go to second number: stop.  
  • Turn right and go directly to third number.
  • Lift up on handle.

Here is a video showing how to work the combination lock.

On video here is how to get the closed caption subtitles in another language.

  • Make sure close captions are on. You will see the subtitles and there is a red line under "CC"
  • Then click on the setting wheel at the bottom right, next to the CC.
  • Click "Subtitles"
  • Then click "auto-translate"
  • Choose the language you need.

Audio will be in English but subtitles should appear in whatever language you choose.