Dress Code


Magruder's Policy

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of a positive learning environment - one that is free of distractions and disruptions.  If it is determined that a student’s dress is inappropriate or distracts others from learning, that student will be required to change their attire. 

Dress and Grooming

  • Clothes shall conceal underwear at all times. Each individual piece of clothing must meet a 2-inch minimum per strap / shoulder width. ”Sagging” pants are not permitted.
  •  Neckline of shirts, and low-cut or off the shoulder-type tops, may not exceed more than 3 inches below the clavicle.  Sheer or fishnet fabrics, halter-tops, and bare midriffs are prohibited.
  • Short and skirt length must be no shorter than the longest point of fingertips when arms are relaxed at side.
  • Closed toed shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Tennis or athletic shoes are required for physical education.  NO CROCS,  clogs, flip flops or slippers are allowed to be worn on campus.
  • Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, gym bags, water bottles, etc.) shall be free from writing, pictures, or any other insignia which are vulgar, profane, or which advocate racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious prejudice.
  • Hats and beanies are not allowed unless they display the Magruder or North High logo. Other hats may be worn only in medical / religious events as approved by the Principal in advance. For safety precautions students may not wear hoods. Sun-protective clothing must comply with District and school site dress and grooming standards. Swimwear, pajamas, nightgowns, and oversized clothing are not appropriate school wear.

The Principal and staff may establish reasonable dress and grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in certain sports and/or classes, extracurricular or other special school activities.