Student Supply List

Students are expected to come to school prepared to work.  The items listed below help students complete work in class and  keep track of papers and assignments. Supplies are expected to be in the student’s possession or locked in their locker when not being used (specifically at lunch).

Our basic list of materials students need to have are:

  • Sturdy 3- Ring Binder  (at least 3")
  • College Ruled Paper (at least 50-100 sheets) for binder. Dividers with pockets are also recommended
  • A Black, Blue, and Red Pen - one of each
  • 5 Pre-Sharpened Wood Pencils and erasers. Can also use mechanical pencils but have these regular ones in case of failure or no lead. Mechanical pencils are sold for .50 cents in the library, if needed.
  • Highlighters (2 colors)
  • Set of colored pencils - Crayola 12 color box is good choice.
  • Multiple (at least 4) single subject spiral notebooks that contain 80-100 sheets of colege rulled paper.  They should have a plastic cover and a pocket divider to keep loose worksheets.
  • All students must have an independent reading book at all times.
  • All Students must have their student ID card with them on campus at all times.

Backpacks cannot be carried around school during the day.  If bringing one to school, it needs to be small enough to fit in the locker and your student's name must be written inside.  Student will be asked not to bring a backback if they leave them out and unattended in the locker bay or anywhere else on campus.

Items to have at home:

  • 12" Standard Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Calculator (can use one on phone at home)