Parent Involvement = Student Success

Magruder believes that parents, teachers and students are one team. Our goal together is to help our students succeed academically and provide the experiences and support that will positively shape their future.

Middle school years can be a challenging time. At school, we try to engage our students with interesting academic lessons and extracurricular activities. We alway try to provide a positive and inclusive environment: everyone has value and everyone contributes.  As parents, you lay the foundation for your childs future on which the educators build.

Here are some easy ways to be involved and help your student.

  • Convey the importance and value of a good education. If you don't consider school your child's #1 priority, neither will your child.
  • Have your child attend school every day and be on time
  • Provide a nutritious breakfast to start the day.
  • Have a designated space where your child can study and do his/her homework.
  • Check to see that assigned homework is completed daily.  You can see your student's assignments on the "daily homework" page on this website  and/or your child's planner. This time also allows your the opportunity to discuss the days events at school.
  • Set limits on your child's phone, TV and game time.
  • Encourage reading at home.
  • Set a bedtime so your student will be well rested.  The Academy of Pediatrics says the our students need between 9-10 hours of sleep for optimal health.
  • Check PowerSchool once a week to track student progress.  Always contact a teacher, email is preferred, if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Provide learning opportunities when ever you can.  Go to a museum, the beach tide pools, watch a documentary or educational show on tv, talk about current events.
  • Attend Magruder evening events. It's a chance to get on campus and see where your student spends his/her day.  Evening events brings parents and school staff together to learn about issues directly affecting our students.