Student ID Cards


Students will be issued a Magruder ID card at the beginning of the year. The ID Card should remain with them at all times while in school.  There is a plastic pocket on the cover of the student planner for this purpose. The ID card is used for the purchase of cafeteria lunches, borrowing recreation equipment at snack and lunch, checking out library books, and for other school activities. The Student ID card must be shown to school personnel upon request.  Students may also use their ID cards to obtain discounts at certain local businesses and for admittance to the City of Torrance's CoRec activities..

If a Student ID card is lost, please have student see our Librarian for a replacement.  We do not charge for a replacement but students will be asked to spend 30 minutes doing a Magruder Service assignment. Magruder Service can be anything from helping in the library to picking up trash on campus depending on what is needed at the time.  If student loses his/her ID  more than once school consequences like a detention may apply.