Student Arrival and Pickup

Gates of the school open at 8:10am

Always drop off on the school side of the street.
There is a lot of traffic and students should not be running across the street when dropped off. The drop off/pickup route is to go down 185th Street to Osage Ave and exit via 184th Place.

Pull as far forward as possible.
During morning drop off and pickup the three gates along Osage Avenue (which runs along the front of the school) are open. Please do not stop by the front gate (near the office) but drive further down towards the other open gates. This helps to avoid traffic backing up.

Do not enter the staff parking lot to drop off or pickup students.
There have been incidences where teachers have been unable to enter their parking area.  Also, there is a danger posed to students running/walking in the parking area

After school, all students must be off campus by 3:30pm (unless they are involved with a school supervised activity.)
The gates will be closed at 3:30pm