Students of the Month Assembly

The Student of the Month Awards go to.......

Students of the Month Assemblies (SOMAs)

Magruder Mustangs are Awesome!!!

We have six (6) special assemblies to recognize just how great they are!

SOMA crowd image  Awards line up

SOMA awards are not just for Academics.  They also recognize students who have shown exceptional determination, citizenship, and effort.  Every SOMA assembly highlights a different class period.  For example, the first SOMA of the year will focus on students from period one (1) classes.

There is a lot of fun for everyone at this event. Class colors are worn and the grade level with the most spirit and class colors may even get a special prize.  

Sometimes, there are even grade level challenge competitions with teachers jumping into the action.

SOMA award event photo 1 SOMA award event photo 2 SOMA award event photo 3

SOMAs are usually scheduled on a Tuesday (late start) morning.   All awards are secret.  But, if a student is getting an award, parents will be contacted so they may surprise their child by being there.