Campus Technology

When on campus our focus is always on learning.  We are very fortunate to have technology like computers and google accounts at our fingertips.  But these campus tools must be used for learning purposes only. Students should never be communicating with one another during class time through the "chat" feature.  Also, games, extensions or non-authorized sites should not be accessed during the school day.
Click here to read the TUSD Student Acceptable Use Policy

TUSD Google Accounts

Every student is provided with a TUSD Google account.  This includes all the Google utilities such as gmail, google docs, chat features, etc.   Many written assignments are created through google docs. In addition, Google Classroom is a platform for teachers to use for assignment management and for work submissions.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using your District Google account.

  • Keep school account for school business only. Have a personal account for friends and gaming to use at home.
  • Never share your login password.
  • Read your email. This is our teachers' main method of communications.  Your teacher may be sending class reminders and other information pertaining to lessons.
  • Do not download or add-on any extensions, games, or graphics without teacher approval.
  • Do not use chat feature during class to communicate with other students.
  • Keep focused in class and do not open any additional  tabs for gaming or other distractions.


Computer Equipment

School computers such as desktops and Chromebooks are important tools we use when teaching. We are very fortunate to have two computer labs and classroom Chromebooks for students to use.  Computers are also available in the library for students to use to complete assignments. Library computer access is available: before school, snack, lunch (on Tuesdays and Thursdays)  and after school.

Equipment should be treated carefully and with respect.  Any damaged intentionally caused will result in student paying for repair or replacement of the device.  In addition, future use of equipment might be severely restricted.