8th Grade Promotion Countdown 2019

Important Dates

8th Grade Activites

All extra curricular activities, Picnic Lunch, Dance and Ceremony is supported solely by donations from parents. 
Contact Cynthia Gasparro at CynthiaGasparro@hotmail.com for more information on how you can help. 

Parent Planning Meetings

Everyone is Welcome!!!
Contace Cynthia Gasparro for next meeting date: CynthiaGasparro@hotmail.com

Date Activity

March 13

8th grade Portrait Pictures - all students will have their pictures taken during PE.

March 28

McDonald's Night - Fundraiser
5pm- 8pm.  No flyer needed

April 3

8th Grade Panoramic Picture (will be taken at 1:15pm)
Orders are submitted to photographer (LifeTouch) at time picture is taken.

April 14

Elective Fair (Student Only Event) - During lunch NHS students and teachers will be available to discuss campus activities and elective choices for next year.

April 23

North High Counselors on Magruder Campus
Students Only - Counselors will give a  presentation to 8th graders 2pm - 3pm

April 24

North High "Sneak Peak" - Student Field Trip. 
All 8th Grade students will be going to North High School to attend a "Sneak Peek" assembly and will be eating lunch on campus. NHS clubs sets up food booths that our students can purchase their lunch from: food prices vary.  $10 is more than enough to purchase food.  Students can also bring their own sack lunch.  Signed permission slip required. 

April 30

8th Grade Parent Night at North High School Saxon Hall- 6:00pm
Followed by:  Meet the Coaches at @7pm

Parent meeting to recieve important information about your student attending North High School next year.  All parents need to attend.  DO NOT MISS!

May 3

North High Class (Schedule) Selection 
At Magruder   8am - 3pm

Parents and Students meet with counselors to select classes for next year. This is a part of the registration process.   If scheduling is missed this day, you will need to contact NHS for registration instructions. 
Counselors will meet on a first come/first serve basis.

April TBD

Gown order form/envelope goes home with students


Gown Order Deadline. All orders must be turned in.
You must have a gown in order to participate in the promotion ceremony.

June 5

Field Trip to Riley Farms - More details will be sent closer to trip. Currently, we plan to have buses leave Magruder at 7:30am. Return is estimated to be around 4pm depending on traffic. Sack lunch or pre-paid/ordered cafeteria lunch required.
Signed permission slip required. 

June 14

All Textbooks and Library Books Turned In
(Unless otherwise directed by a teacher) all textbooks are to be returned to the school. Any book still outstanding from this year or previous years will be transferred with student's records to the high school.

June 14

Celebration Party/Dance at the Saxon Hall - North High School
7pm - 10pm   Signed permission slip required.

June 19

Picnic at Columbia Park 
This is a student only event. All eligible students can participate. Lunch will be provided.   A signed Permission Slip is required. Cost of this event is paid for from your 8th grade donation - thank you!

June 20

Promotion Ceremony 6:00pm - at North High School - Field
Please read the FAQ section for detailed info on parking, location and student expectations   This event is for all eligible students and a signed permission slip is required. 

June 21

Gown rentals must be returned, and in good condition, by 11am for refund voucher.

Enjoy the Summer and Congratulations!