Getting Ready for North High

General Information

Believe it or not, March/April is the time when students begin the transition process over to North High School. There are several steps and meetings involved. It is very important for parents (and students) to go to their meetings, get the necessary information and sign-up for classes.

What is 8th Grade Parent Night for North High?

At this meeting you will be given all the information to help you go through the registration process. There will be handouts and listings of next year's classes. After the presentation there is question/answer period. There is usually a "Meet the Coaches" segment after the main presentation for those interested in participating in team sports.

Are you hoping to participate on any athletic teams next year?

There is a Meet the Coaches Night. The coaching staff will do a presentation and a question/answer period.  

How will I know what classes to select?

The options will be clearer after 8th grade Parent Night.  In addition, counselors will be coming to Magruder to talk to students. On scheduling day the North Hig, counselors will be available to discuss class registgration with your student.

What happens during the NHS Student Field Trip? - Check calendar - this event is pending

On this day, 8th grade students will go over to North High (signed permission slip is required). They will be attending a special assembly and given a campus tour. Students will be having lunch on the campus. Please have them bring $10.00 to purchase food. This is usually a special lunch set up by North High and there are different food choices to select from.  If you have dietary concerns you can always send a bag lunch for your student to eat.

I missed the meeting, can I get the registation information and paperwork at Magruder?

No, you must contact North High directly to get registration information. 

Why can't I wait till August or September to do this?

By August most of the schedules have already be set and classes filled. In order to insure a smooth transition we strongly encourage you attend the meetings and do the class selection at Magruder's scheduled time.

What if my student is going to another Torrance high school?

If your student will be going anywhere other than North High, please contact that school directly for registration instructions. Student records are only sent to North High as part of the transition process. You need to arrange class scheduling and record transfer with your new school. It is strongly suggested that you call your new school no later that April to get your necessary information.