8th Grade Party/Dance

What are the requirements to attend the 8th Grade Party?

Students must be in good academic/behavior standing at Magruder (See requirement info FAQ's).  
Students must bring their current Magruder ID to check in at the door or check in table.

What is the Dress Code?

While we love to see all our students dress up. But remember, this is a school event and adherence to our dress code is required.   If a student's outfit in considered inappropiate he/she will not be allowed into the party.

For the girls:
  • No strapless tops - if a cover-up or sweater is needed to make the outfit appropriate, the item must not be taken off during the dance.
  • No spaghetti straps - shoulder straps should be no less than 1"
  • No plunging necklines or bare back halters tops
  • No see through material
  • Skirts must be finger tip length or longer.
For the boys: 

Many often dress up in a dress shirt and tie.  Others just wear clothes that would be appropriate for school.  No t-shirts with in inappropriate designs. 

May parents or siblings attend or come inside?  

Unless the parent is an 8th Grade Activities volunteer helping at the dance, only 8th grade students are allowed to attend.

Are students allowed to bring a date?

No, This event is for 8th grade students at Magruder Only.  IDs will be checked at the door before entering.

Do you have to dance?  

No, there will be plenty to do with or without dancing.  There will be raffles and door prizes as well.

After the dance, how do I pick up my student?

The party ends 10:00pm. Please arrive promptly after the end of the dance.  We have many chaperones who are anxious to go home too.  All parents must personally pick up their student from the venue door.

Can someone else pick up my student from the party?

For safety reasons, we cannot release a student on their own or to any unauthorized persons.  If you are having some else pick up your child please send a signed note authorizing them to do so. This letter must be provided to the office a week before the party and it should include the name and contact of person picking up your child   Anyone picking us a student must be over 18 years old.