Student Requirements

8th Grade Activities Participation

Education is the number one priority at Magruder Middle School.  During their time here, students will learn, grow and be prepared for the rigors of High School.  Our school is also a place where students are expected to behave in a way that is conducive for a safe and respectful learning environment. Remember, Mustangs are Responsible, Respectful, Scholarly, and Thoughtful.

In order to participate in the 8th grade activities, students are expected to maintain their grades, citizenship, attendance and demonstrate proper behavior.  These activities include, but are not limited to: North High Field Trip (North High’s Welcome Lunch), Promotion Picnic and Promotion Dance. 

Also, in extreme circumstances, students may also loose the privilege of participating in the Promotion Ceremony. Students will most likely be unable to attend the Promotion Ceremony if their GPA is less than 2.0 and have earned less than 21 effort points for each quarter: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Each Quarter students are expected to meet the following criteria.  
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 each quarter 
  • No more than one U per quarter
  • No Police Citation*
  • No Suspension*
  • Five (5) or more tardies to any class  (applies to 3rd and 4th quarter only)

At the end of each quarter, the failure to meet all of these requirements will result a loss of one (1) activity.  

How to Gain Back an Activity

If dropped due to low academics, the student must earn a 2.0 the next quarter.

The above rules are meant to provide the students will a clear guide on our expectations for them during their last year at Magruder. We encourage Magruder students to always give their personal best: to strive for excellence, have personal and academic integrity, be a good citizen, and have empathy for others.