eTUSD Sign-In Information is a safe website where students can upload their assignments. Students must enroll in our course in order to access it. We will occasionally upload files for students to view on Students can access the social studies and science textbooks online. Be sure to download it (and save it to the computer), testing to see if it works before leaving textbooks at school.

To enroll, they must do so by doing the following:

1) Go to --> log in with username and password

Username: Student ID #

password: birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy - including slashes) or whatever password is

2) Go to "All Courses" and select --> Magruder--> Takano/Yung for Social Studies, or Science

3) When it asks for the enrollment key, type the following code based on what period they have us. The first part tells what period it is, followed by "ty" for Takano/Yung. Just type the ONE for the correct period, no spaces or capitals.

Science - select "Digital 6th grade science book" to access online science book. Save to your computer.

Enrollment key: period2ty            

Social Studies - We have access to our previous textbook on, but the new one is on Clever under TCI.

Select "Discovering our Past - Ancient Civilizations" folder to access online social studies book. Save to your computer.

Enrollment keys: period3ty               period4ty              period5ty               period6ty