Dual Enrollment College Credit Classes

North High Students! Meet high school graduation requirements and earn college credit by enrolling in dual enrollment, high school partnership classes (see options below), or dual enrollment college classes directly through El Camino College!

Students earn both high school and college credit in these courses by completing the class with a C or higher. 

DUAL ENROLLMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP CLASSES (offered through North High School during our annual scheduling period) Click here to view/download partnership enrollment instructions

North High School and Torrance Unified School District are proud to offer dual enrollment partnership classes through a special agreement with El Camino College. These class offerings are only available to North High students, and many of these classes are taught by our very own North High teachers. They were pre-qualified as El Camino teachers of record based on their educational background, training, and workforce experiences. College credit is "portable" to most two-year colleges or four-year universities. El Camino College enrollment fees and textbooks/materials fees are waived for classes offered in partnership with North High School. 

The following partnership courses are offered specifically to NHS students:

NHS Course TITLE Term el camino COLLEGE COURSE title
English 4 - Dual Credit Fall English 1 A: Reading & Composition
Spring English 1 C: Critical Thinking & Composition
PLTW Intro. to Engineering Design Fall

ETEC 12A: Intro. to Engineering Design 


ETEC 12B: Intro. to Engineering Design 

Principles of Engineering


ETEC 10A: Principles of Engineering

Spring ETEC 10B: Principles of Engineering

Digital Electronics


ETEC 14A: Electronics for Engineering Technologies

Spring ETEC 14B: Electronics for Engineering Technologies

Engineering Design and Development


ETEC 18A: Engineering Design and Development

Spring ETEC 18B: Engineering Design and Development

Sports Therapy/Athletic Training


PE 277: Intro to Kinesiology and Physical Eduction

Spring PE 272: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Early College


SPAN 1: Elementary Spanish I
Spring SPAN 2: Elementary Spanish II

Early College
Health & Human
(9th Grade)

Fall CH 1: Personal/Community Health Issues
Spring HDEV 110: Strategies for Success in Life

Early College
Social Science
(10th Grade)

Fall HIST 141: History of Modern Civilizations
Spring HIST 102:  US History (1877 to Present)

Early College
(10th Grade)

Fall Art 110: Drawing Fundamentals I
Spring Film 110: Film Appreciation

Dual Enrollment Add/ Drop Procedures

DUAL ENROLLMENT (completed independently through El Camino, with academic counselor pre-approval)

El Camino College admits qualified 11th-12th grade students who can benefit by dual enrolling in free college classes while still in high school. Students in grades K-10 may be eligible for Dual Enrollment under limited circumstances. These classes are taken at El Camino or online with an El Camino College Instructor. Interested students apply directly through El Camino College's high school dual enrollment office. Please note that students must obtain counselor approval in a dual enrollment class, whether during the school year or over the summer. Upon completion of a dual enrollment course, students MUST order a copy of their official El Camino transcript and deliver the unopened official record to our Records Office staff for the grade to be included on their high school transcript.

See El Camino College webpage for info on the enrollment process and class schedule of available courses

For more information about Dual Enrollment classes, please contact your academic counselor