Axe & Sword Award Winners

The "Axe and Sword Award" was instituted in December of 2008 as a way for teachers and staff of NHS to support each other and to recognize the efforts of others who "go the extra mile". The teachers and staff recognized with this traveling trophy have been singled out by their peers for their continual effort to make NHS a great place to work and to learn. The award was made by a staff member during the fall of 2008 and will be displayed in the room of each winner until it is time to pass it on to another deserving person (the current holder gets to pick the next winner). At the end of each school year the names of all the awardees (in chronological order) will be engraved onto a base and added to the bottom of the trophy - making the trophy grow in prestige and tradition with each year. Please join us in congratulating the NHS Axe and Sword Award winner.



August 2023
Delaiah Barth

January 2023
Stan Masaoka

August 2022
Kim Till

September 2021
Lauren Kamiyama

August 2020
Mike Moore

September 2019
Shirley Wong

February 2019
Joey Walker

September 2018
Cheree Whorley

September 2017
Katie Doupe

February 2017
Gillian Hart

September 2016
Sharon Russell

March 2016
Karl Jennings

June 2015
Jenna Murata

April 2015
Heather Brooke

Febuary 2015
Melissa Ritchie

March 2014
Bill Peters

October 2013
Barth, Dylan

September 2012
Dupperon, Gary

December 2011
Till, Kim
Phillips, Jeff

September 2011
Barnard, Cynthia

June 2011
Lisa Kooi

January 2011
Johnson, Katrina

November 2010
McCarty, Andrew

September 2010
Lugo Gutierrez, Alicia

May 2010
Ronda Massey

February 2010
Marc Pioch

October 2009
Norma Martinez &
Dianne Fox

April 14, 2009
Chris & Tommy

February 23, 2009
Gregory Cooke

January 30, 2009
Vivien Morita

January 13, 2009
Sgt. Ron Graham &
Sgt. Raul Duran

December 9, 2008
Jay Estabrook

December 2, 2008
Mitzi Stover