(310) 533-4412 x7089 
No Absences Will Be Cleared By Phone or Phone Message. The best way to get a hold of the attendance office is via email:


You only have up to 48 hours to clear your absences before it is considered a truant.
Truants will result in Saturday School assignment if left uncleared.

Only one of the following documentation will be accepted by the Attendance Office as a verified excusal of an absence.

  • Email (must be sent by by parent/guardian email identified on PowerSchool contact list)
  • Parent/guardian note (must have parent signature and phone number)
  • A doctor's note
  • In-person parent absence excusal (w/valid California ID)

For all forms of communication, include your student 's name, grade, their date of absence and the reason for absence (for your convenience, here is a link to the North High Absence Excuse Note)
No phone calls or voice messages will be accepted to clear absences. Please review the NHS Attendance and Discipline Policy for more information on expectations for attendance.

(310) 533-4412 x7076

Contact the Records office for a copy of your grades or transcripts 

To request a high school transcript, you must have a Transcript Permission form signed by your parent on file in the counseling office, with Mr. Ramirez, and your school listed in Naviance. If the transcript cannot be sent electronically and must be mailed, you need to provide an envelope properly addressed to the college/university with postage, including El Camino. Transcripts will NOT be sent without payment. High school transcripts are $5 each.