AP & Honors Information

Classes are available in English, world language, mathematics, science, and social science for highly motivated students.  Students who select AP & Honors classes must sign a commitment form stating that they will remain in the class for the entire school year.  Information sessions are provided in during the course selection period so students can make informed decisions about which AP/Honors courses to take.

Benefits - The classes        

  • Are challenging and thought-provoking.
  • Give greater opportunity for accomplishment.
  • Go into greater depth and are more stimulating.
  • Help prepare for Advanced Placement examinations.
  • Offer college and university preparatory content.
  • Honors and A.P. courses receive an extra grade point (weighted) when determining a student’s overall grade point average.


Benefits - A college or university may:

  • Grant exemption from beginning classes.
  • Grant eligibility for Honors and other special programs.
  • Grant college credit for courses passed by taking the Advanced Placement examinations.
  • Grant a year of college credit and sophomore standing for passing three or four AP exams before the students actually enter college.        

Examination - Given each May. Approximate cost: $95.00 each. Credit is usually granted for scores of 3, 4 or 5 on a scoring range of 1 - 5.