Dual Enrollment Request and Application Process

IMPORTANT:  Meet establish deadlines to submit your dual enrollment / free college credit application on time!

Partnership Dual Enrollment Classes Offered in Agreement with TUSD and North High School

  • Classes Held During the School Year - Applications are accepted in August and before Fall semester begins. Once the semester starts, the dual enrollment window closes.
  • Classes Held Over Summer Break - Applications accepted in the Spring, before Summer session begins.

North High School/TUSD & El Camino College have a special agreement in place; these partnership classes offer free "portable" two semesters of college transferable credit (which you can take to the 2 or 4-year college of your choice), upon successfully completion of the class with a C or higher.

Procedure to received early college credit for Dual Enrollment Partnership Classes taught by a North High teacher during the school year:

Complete the following THREE Steps to complete your application

  1. Go to El Camino College Application portal to create an El Camino Student account and "Apply" for the semester you were instructed to apply for (either Fall or Spring) to activate your account. Make sure to fill out the two sets of questions: one to open your account, the other to register for the upcoming semester.
    • If you already have an El Camino student account from Engineering, Sports Therapy, an El Camino College summer class, or other dual enrollment class - login to your existing OpenCCC account to apply for the new semester. Don't create a new account!
      • New to dual enrollment and not sure how to apply? Follow this El Camino account and registration step-by-step "how-to" instructions - https://bit.ly/3d3GVcX
      • If you created an account for the very first time, your "official" El Camino College student ID will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days.
  2. Complete the El Camino high school dual enrollment paper application. Fill out Section 1 & 2 - you must include hand drawn student/parent signatures, as well as both your offical El Camino student ID # and Registration Confirmation # (write that next to your El Camino Student ID #).
    • You may fill out the form using Kami, the Google Chrome Extension, but all signatures need to be hand drawn, El Camino does not accept typed signatures in a script font.
    • For these partnership classes, you WILL NOT need to register for the class or contact El Camino about the class you are interested in taking. The registration of courses is handled by our high school liaison. Using your application, El Camino ID # and Fall Confirmation #, our El Camino College high school liaison will attach the classes to your El Camino account.
  3. Upload your completed application as a pdf or clear photo to the Google Form that was sent to your email. 

NOTE: El Camino College classes are offered free of charge to high school students. Dual enrollment is only offered at the beginning of the school year. Once the school year starts and El Camino’s registration period passes, students will not be able to go back to apply for the dual enrollment credit.These partnership classes are exclusive to TUSD students.

If you have any questions, contact your academic counselor for assistance.

Dual Enrollment in El Camino College Classes (non-partnership classes). 

Before session begins - Work directly with El Camino High School Dual Enrollment Office to submit your application. Their email is: dualenrollment@elcamino.edu

Please note that students must obtain counselor pre-approval to enroll in a dual enrollment class, whether the class taking during the school year or over the summer. Upon completion of a dual enrollment course, students MUST order a copy of their official El Camino transcript and deliver the unopened official record to our Records Office staff for the grade to be included on their high school transcript.