Dean of Student's Corner

North High's Dean of Students is Mr. Andrew McCarty.
Mr. McCarty counsels students to make Saxon Strong choices, especially when classroom interventions have not been proven effective. He also facilitates conflict mediation between students, monitors attendance, and works with families to support their students. Mr. McCarty can be reached via email at:

Saxons! The following videos have been made with you in mind. Feedback from surveys and conversations with students prompted the create these short videos to help students manage their days and class workload.

You Got This!

The first in a series of videos exploring and discussing the 5 core competencies of social emotional learning (SEL): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making. Driven by student questions and input, hosts Andrew Mc Carty and Gabriela Botello share insights and strategies to assists students navigate through their days.