Student Work Permits

  1. Click on the link to the application and print it out:   NHS Work Permit Application
  2. Fill in your information.
  3. When you are hired, have the employer fill out his or her portion.
  4. Have your parent sign the application.
  5. Bring in or email your completed application to Dr. Rozanski /
  6. After your paperwork is approved (confirm GPA is at or above 2.0), you may come to the school office to pick up your work permit or we can email it to you. 
  7. Once you receive your work permit you will need to sign and return to your employer.


Visit the California Department of Education for more information on Work Permits for Students:

 **Entertainment Industry work permits can only be issued a hard copy (school seal is required) and may require additional time due to requested information including attendance, grades and health information.

Job Interview Tips

Students! Do you know how to dress and what to say during a job interview?
The attachment below includes job interview tips for high school students. It has a lot of great information which will prepare you for your first job interview.

Job Interview Tips for High School Students