North High School career technical education (CTE) courses provide students with the opportunity to explore potential career while developing modern and in-demand technical and soft skills needed to be successful in post-secondary college and/or career.

North's career technical education pathway courses reflect the following industry pathways

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Plant & Soil Science

Course sequence:
Urban Farming; Farm To Table

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Arts, Media & Entertainment Industry


Production Arts
(TV & Video Production)

Course sequence:
TV Production 1; TV Production 2

Performing Arts (Theatre)

Course sequence: Theatre 1-4

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Building & Construction Trades

(formerly Wood Shop/Cabinetry)


Course sequence:
Wood I, Wood 2, Cabinetry,
and Woodworking

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Engineering & Architecture

(All NHS Engineering classes offers Dual Enrollment, Early College Credit through El Camino College)

Engineering Design & Technology

Course sequence:
Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering,
Digital Electronics,
Engineering Design and Development

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Health Science & Medical Technology 

(Sports Therapy offers Dual Enrollment, Early College Credit through El Camino College)

Patient Care

Course sequence:
Human Body Systems,
Sports Therapy (Athletic Training, 
Sports Therapy Practicum

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North High career and technical education (CTE) courses are aligned with California Department of Education Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards  and are integrated into the student’s four-year acadmic plan as elective courses. North High School offers the following programs that promote leadership, develop job-related skills, provide on-the-job experience, and increase interest in school, as well as college and careers.

  • Work Experience

  • CTE /STEM courses offered at North High School

Students in 9th-12th-grade receive counseling from school personnel regarding academic and career paths and courses of study. Students meet with the counselors to discuss their four year academic plan and are introduced to North High School’s career technical education pathway programs; the counselors meet at least one a year with each student to follow-up on their progress in meeting graduation requirements and career objectives.


North High School is proud to offer Engineering and Health Science/Biomedical Science curriculum designed by Project Lead the Way, a innovative national Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics (STEM) initiative. 

Project Lead The Way: Preparing students for the global economy.