Magruder Middle School - Home of the Mustangs!

Located in the heart of the North Torrance community. Magruder has been recognized as a Gold Ribbon School. 

The California Department of Education's Gold Ribbon program honors some of California's outstanding public schools.  Schools that are selected demonstrate exemplary achievements in implementing state standards in priority areas.   Read the Daily Breeze article here.

Magruder prides itself on our ethnic diversity.  We believe this diversity allows students to learn from each other's culture and gain a better world view for themselves.  The middle school years are a time of many changes for our students: psychically, emotionally and intellectually, Our campus and community is dedicated to provide protection, guidance, support as students to walk through these times and on to high school.

Our strong academic emphasis is on the college readiness of math and literacy skills of our students.  Each teacher prepares through ongoing staff development, quantitative measuring and testing to provide lessons to strengthen our students abilities in these areas.  We believe math and literacy are the cornerstones, not just for college readiness, but for joining a work force in a world demanding higher and more complex math and literacy skills.

Magruder's success is a community effort.  The School Site Council (SSC) helps to determine guidelines, budget allocation and other important elements affecting Magruder.  The SSC is made up of administrators, teachers, parents and students. Our Parents, Teachers and Students Association (PTSA) provides our school with the funding and extra programs that we cannot provide through the general school fund.  Programs such a field trips, Adventures in Art, school dances, and additional school purchases are made possible by the PTSA. Please see the office or contact the PTSA to become more involved in either SSC or PTSA.

Like our mascot, the Mighty Magruder Mustang, we are strong, intelligent, and powerful.  We thrive in our herd and yet each of us has very independent spirit.

Go Mustangs!