School Start Up Information

School Start Up Information

Information from August 13th Meeting

School Start Up
Information from Meeting on August 13th


The following is information discussed during our parent meeting on August 13th.  

Video Recording of Parent Meeting on August 13th

Slide Show Presentation

Slide Show Presentation in Spanish

Virtual Bell Schedule - pdf printable copy

Virtual Bell Schedule in Spanish - pdf printable copy

Material Pickup - Campus Routing when arriving on campus


Answers to Common Questions Asked: 

Do I need to register my child even if he was at Magurder/Edison last year?
Yes, parents need to register each student every year.  It is a way to update all information and verify that you are aware of school/district policies.  The online registration replaces the hardcopy packets we used to hand out which included: emergency information sheet, health forms, TUSD District policy forms etc.

Will my student be getting an ID card?
Due to distancing protocols,, we will not be having pictures taken on campus at this time.  There will be no IDs given out until further notice.

At the start of school August 26th,  which bell schedule is my student in?
Since we are beginning the school year online, all students will follow the virtual bell schedule.  The "Virtual Bell Schedule" is posted above..   

Once it is safe for the blended class students to return to campus we will post their new on-campus bell schedule.

Will my class schedule be emailed to me?
No, you will be able to view you schedule on PowerSchool on August 24th.  The district will most likely send an email announcing their availability once online.  

What about getting my textbooks?
Textbook and material distribution is scheduled for August 20th and 21st.  You will receive scheduling info via email.  Once on campus for pickup, you will need to follow the walking directions outlined above in the "Material Pickup" link.   Anyone entering to pick up materials must prove that they have registered their student ( you will have received an email after your register).  No books will be given out unless student is registered.  if you cannot make it, please try to find someone to come in your place.  The campus is closed and it will be difficult to make other pickup arrangements. 

BOOKS and MATERIALS are very HEAVY. You will be receiving all the textbooks, reading books and other materials for the entire year.  We will try to provide bags but parents are encouraged to help students carry their materials home. 

What if we have technology issues when classes start?
Please notify your teacher first and explain the problem.  He/she will find the proper support person to assist you.