Use of Facilities

Torrance Unified School District welcomes community use of our facilities. We have launched a user-friendly online Civic Permits program that offers the public easier access to school facilities. Beginning January 1st, 2017, paper permits will no longer be accepted at the school sites. Please read the application procedures below.

Renter’s Use of Facilities Application Procedures:

Renters (Users) must complete a permit application online at Applications shall be entered at least 14 days in advanced and submitted no earlier than 6 months prior to use. Please be advised that school events take priority. Use of facility is not authorized until User receives notification of an approved permit through Civic Permits. Principal approval does not authorize facility usage. Only a responsible officer or assigned authorized member of the organization can submit an application.

If this is your first time requesting to use a TUSD facility, you MUST submit the required documents listed below for Administrative Services review. Please allow 5-10 business days for approval of group classification (Group 1:  Non-Profit; Group 2:  Non/Profit/Direct Cost; Group 3:  Fair Rental Value). Group Classification information can be found here. Group fee schedule can be found here

New User / New Group: First time applicants

  1. Register and activate a User account on
  2. Type in Group name and select the appropriate Group Classification (to be validated by Administrative Services after submission).

The following documents must be uploaded to for district review:

  • Mission Statement
  • Non-Profit status (IRS 501-C3 or CA Secretary of State determination) if applicable.
  • Financial records showing sources of “revenue” received and “expenses” incurred.
  • Certificate of Insurance, naming Torrance Unified School District as Certificate Holder and as the additional insured with a copy of the endorsement attached. (Sample of Insurance Certificate) (Sample of Endorsement)

     Classified Group: Previously vetted (approved) groups

  1. Register and activate a User account on
  2. Type in Group name and select the assigned Group Classification.
  3. Complete facility reservation application online.
  4. Current Certificate of Insurance should be uploaded under “Insurance” tab

Apply for facility use permit by selecting a school, the facility you wish to use at that school, and the dates and times needed.  Each permit is specific to a single school site, and permits must contain no more than 30 calendar days.

All Use of Facilities rentals are “pre-approved” by the site and must include the estimated hours for custodial if applicable.  Application will be reviewed by site designee for availability. Upon school site's approval, an invoice will be generated.  Applications are then processed by Administrative Services Personnel.  Final approval is granted when payment has been received and insurance reviewed.  Applications will be denied without the required documents. If applications are submitted in less than 14 days prior to the event, there is no guarantee rental will be approved.  Users must carry a printed copy of your approved permit at all times during your event.

The applicant will receive automated notification updates via email, through the Civic Permits system, with the registered email address, when any activity occurs on the permit.  This includes but is not limited to:  site approvals, denials, invoicing, payment request, and release of permit.

Users with outstanding balances will not be permitted to apply for use of facilities until the balance is reconciled. 

For information regarding After School Programs, please click here. If your After School Program has completed board approval and you are ready to submit a facilities use permit application, please be advised that there is a non-refundable fee of $65.00 per application. 

Flyer distribution is by District approval only.  Please visit for more information. 

Please click on the items under the "Quicklinks" section of this page for additional important information. Questions about Facility Use should be directed to Frances Capistrano at (310)972-6064 or send an email