Special Interest Clubs

Art Club graphic

Art Club


The South High Art Club is open to all students who want to be creative. Our art club meets at least once a month, with more meetings if a project requires it. Students design, draw and paint banners for school functions as well as produce artwork using unique materials to stretch and grow their creativity. This club also allows students who don't have an art class in their schedules to still be able to express themselves creatively. Our club allows students grades 9-12 to work together and grow as artists.

President:Jialing Sun
Club Sponsor: Ms. Perez
Instagram: @shsartclubb
Location: Q3
Meeting Day: Monday

Best Buddies graphic

Best Buddies Club


Best Buddies operates as a student-run friendship club, which creates buddy pairs between students with and without disabilities. Best Buddies helps to create an inclusive school climate for students and a community culture of acceptance.
President:Lauren Chong
Club Sponsor: Ms. Christiansen
Instagram: @bestbuddies_shs
Location: Q1B
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Bring Change 2 Mind

Bring Change to Mind is a peer-led organization with the goal of reducing the stigma surrounding mental helath. It amplifies student voices, allos us to educate one another, and give every club member an opportunity to share their story.
President: Bailee Gil
Club Sponsor: Mr. Rosenthal
Instagram: @bc2msouthhigh
Location: K6
Meeting Day: Thursday

Drama club mask graphic

Drama Club


If you're interested in theater but don't think you can do the shows, Drama Club is a great alternative! You'll have opportunities to help out with productions and fundraisers like the Murder Mystery, the showcase, and the musical but with much less of a commitment. It's also a great place to meet new people, forge connections, and try new things such as improv and set building. Join us!

President: Sarah Battye
Club Sponsor: Ms. Parsons
Instagram: @shsdrama_club
Location: M3
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Drama Club Improv Team graphic

Drama Club Improv Team


South High's Improv Team is a part of the ComedySports High School League, described as the largest, most successful improv training program for high school students in the country. The team enables members to build communication skills, quick thinking, and creativity through improvisational theatre workshops and performances.

President: Sarah Battye
Club Sponsor: Ms. Parsons
Instagram: @shsdrama_club
Location: M3
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Environmental Club graphic

Environmental Club


The purpose of the club is to create awareness of environmental issues, such as protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration, with an emphasis on educating and empowering students. Students who are interested in environmental advocacy and awareness are encouraged to join.

President: Shizu Takura
Club Sponsor: Dr. Flynn
Instagram: @southenvironmentalclub
Location: N22
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Fellowship of Christian Athletes graphic

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)


Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world...join FCA today! South High's Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a community that supports and engages athletes in their sport, empowers athletes to make disciples through their example of living out Christian values, and equips athletes to grow stronger in their personal and spiritual lives.

President: James Broughton
Club Sponsor: Mr. Stetson
Instagram: @southhighfca
Location: L21
Meeting Day: Tuesday

G.S.A. Club logo

G.S.A. (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) Club


GSA is a student-run organization that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organizes around issues impacting South High School and the community it serves. GSA have evolved beyond their traditional role to serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, and has emerged as a vehicle for deep social change related to racial, gender, and educational justice.

President: Brianna Lovall
Club Sponsor: Ms. Perdue
Instagram: @gsa_shs
Location: R4
Meeting Day: Friday

Kind Club graphic

Kind Club


South High believes that the bullying and social anxiety students face, often correlate with grades, test scores and their academic experience overall. The Kind Club is designed to offer a safe place for students to come together to create strong and healthy friendships. The Kind Club’s hope is that by simply starting an open and honest dialogue about the numerous struggles students face, that students truly feel empowered to break down social barriers, lean on each other and create change in their hallways and community. 
President: Lillian Holmberg
Club Sponsor: Ms. Jacobsen
Instagram: @shs_kindclub
Location: E1
Meeting Day: Tuesday

L.i.N.K. (Liberty in North Korea

The South High LiNK Club seeks to raise awareness on the North Korean human rights crisis in the South High Community and to fundraise for North Korean refugee rescus missions and post-resettlement support. LiNK encourages all student activists with a passion for human rights to apply for membership.
President: Dariush Noorbakhsh & Norah Fong
Club Sponsor: Mr. Alvarez
Instagram: @shs.link
Location: L25
Meeting Day: TBD

Marine Science Club seahorse graphic

Marine Science Club



Interested in learning about the wonders of marine life? Or how about the environment that surrounds us right here in the South Bay? Then the marine science club is just the cub for you! As a club we focus on bringing awareness and learning about our beautiful oceans and the complex life that lives there, and we do it by conducting exciting experiments, playing fun games, racing boats, and spending time with friends! 

President: Arohi Yadav
Club Sponsor: Ms. Malone
Instagram: @marinescienceclub
Location: L2
Meeting Day: Thursday

Math Club graphic

Math Club


South High's Math Club is an organization consisting of students interested in improving their problem solving skills and participating in regional and national math competitions. The club welcomes all students interested in mathematics, regardless of their math level. Math Club strongly encourages participating from students who seek to expand their math skills or desire to join a competitive environment. 

President: Raymond Tsai
Club Sponsor: Ms. Geber
Instagram: @southhighmathteam
Location: M22
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Model United Nations(M.U.N.)Club graphic

Model United Nations(M.U.N.)Club


Are you interested in politics or international relations and looking for a club that lets you do you hands-on activities? Yes, then South High's Model UN is for you! Model UN is a simulation of UN organizations such as the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, UNICEF, and others. Its participants take the roles of ambassadors from various countries and debate current issues. Model UN was developed in the 1950s as a way to give students hands-on learning in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations. Over 400,000 students around the world participate in Model UN each year.

President: Nicole Mueller
Club Sponsor: Ms. Young
Instagram: @southhighmun
Location: V3
Meeting Day: Wednesday

New Life Club


South High's New Life Club aims to bring awareness to the good news of the gospel! This club welcomes all students to come join them in fellowship as they manuever their way through high school together. SHS New LIfe is a Christian family that exemplifies the great joy that they have in the love of Jesus Christ!

President: Patrick Tan and Kailyn Kuo
Club Sponsor: Mr. Stetson
Instagram: @shs_newlife
Location: L21
Meeting Day: Wednesday

Science Club graphic

Science Club


South High's Science Club has as its objectives the cultivation of an awareness of science, the familiarization of the student with scientific research, the encouragement of critical thinking and the involvement of students in scientific activities under the supervision and guidance of faculty. Club activities include regular meetings, lectures, films and field trips. In addition, the SHS Science Club competes in the annual Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad. Each year, the Olympiad offers over 20 challenging events from various science disciplines including biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology.

President: Ryan Choi
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Majima
Instagram: @shs_scienceclub
Location: P5
Meeting Day: Tuesday

StellarXplorers Club graphic

StellarXplorers Club


South High's StellarXplorers Club inspires and attracts high school students to pursue studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through a challenging, space system design competition involving all aspects of system development and operation with a spacecraft/payload focus. The Program supplies a self contained academic/education component accessed online as a curriculum supplement, as well as specific training in the use of system simulation software, Systems Tool Kit (STK). 

President: Jennifer Kim 
Club Sponsor: Ms. Bonn
Instagram: @stellarxplorers
Remind Code: @spacegeeks
Location: M1
Meeting Day: Thursday

TEDEd Club graphic

TEDEd Club


Guided by the official TED Student Talks Program, South High's TEDEd Club offers a safe, open environment for all students to discuss, write, and present their ideas. The weekly Tuesday lunch-time meetings, filled with instruction, conversation, and practice, lead up to the fine TEDX Event held at the end of the year, where studetns will be able to perform their TED Talks in front of an audience and have it optionally uploaded to YouTube.

President: Ellie Hwang
Club Sponsor: Ms. Baez
Instagram: @tedclubshs
Location: V21
Meeting Day: Tuesday